Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tent Rocks

On Thursday while we were in New Mexico, we needed to head to Albuquerque to pick up Brad at the airport. We decided to make it a day and stop in Santa Fe for some fun. Mark was still recovering from the skunk incident, so Charlotte and I loaded up the kids and headed to Santa Fe. We were just going to do some shopping, but thanks to the handy internet on the phone, we discover Tent Rocks National Monument. That sounded perfect to us, so we headed there. It was great, except for the fact that it was really hot, and we had not planned on a hike. We had very little water, and there was no water at the park. The tent rocks were really cool. The cave was especially neat. I wish all 4 boys had been there because I love how the pictures of the cave turned out, and I would love to have had one with all the boys.

I love this picture

Sweet Nate. I had to carry him all the way up, but he ran all the way down. It was a slow hike up the mountain!
We had a little water in this cup. We were grateful for that.

Can you see Cade and Dylan by the tent rocks?

Charlotte and Nate

It started to rain as we were leaving

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See-Dub said...

What a cool place! Score another one for the iPhone!