Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breaking News!!

This just in...

At the mock election at a local elementary school Cade, age 6, cast his vote for Jamba McCain. You heard it here first.

Jamba - are you proud?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hawaii - Day Six and Seven

This was such a fun day. We went on a snorkeling/snuba trip. Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. You are connected to a tank of air that is floating on a raft. You are able to go down up to 25 feet. I loved it! We went to Turtle Town where we went snuba diving. Then, we went to Molikini crater where we snorkeled.

See how tan I got in Hawaii :)

One thing the guide told us was to not smile because then your mask would fill with water. Of course, someone points a camera at me, and I smile. I had a moment of true panic before I calmed down and fixed the problem. See all the bubbles around my face - I am actually panicking at this point. The rest of the time was great!

We were both tired after this, so we headed back to the hotel. Mark took a nap in the room while I read a book by the pool. It was so nice. I would have sat on the beach, but I did not want to pay $40 to rent a chair and an umbrella for 1 day! Seriously!!!

This was the view from our table at dinner that night. Seconds after I took this picture, Kristen called me to let me know that Nate had just puked. Have I mentioned yet what a saint she is?!!!
The next day was our last day in Hawaii. Our flight left at 10:30 p.m., so we had all day. We were lazy that morning. We snorkeled some at the beach at our hotel - there was even a turtle there. We then drove around the other part of the island. It was really beautiful, and there were a lot of people surfing which was very fun to watch. We did not take any pictures this day. Mainly because it was raining on that part of the island. We had one last dinner with my parents, and then we headed to the airport. The flight was pretty miserable. I never can sleep much on a plane. I slept maybe 30 minutes in a 35 hour time frame. We were so very happy to see the boys. We did put them in bed early, because we needed to crash! We had the best time!! I am so grateful that we were able to go.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hawaii - Day Five - A Bunch of Pictures from this Day

The other island that you could see from our view from the room.

We didn't pay for a convertible, but they gave us one anyway. It was a lot of fun! On this day, we drove the road to Hana. It was so beautiful. The road had just opened up all the way around - it had been closed for a couple of years because of an earthquake. That is not saying that it was a good road. Unless you consider a very small, one lane, bumpy road to be a good road. We bought a CD that told you where to stop and also some fun facts. It was worth it.

I loved these trees with the rainbow bark

There were a lot of mongooses on the island. The sugar plantations brought them to Maui to control the rat population. Only problem, mongooses are awake during the day while rats are nocturnal. Instead, the bird population has been dangerously decreased. You think that someone would have researched that a little bit more.

This park was my favorite part of the drive. The water was so beautiful and powerful here. Looking off the cliff at the swirling waves made me so glad that Nate was not with us!!!

Not a good place to swim!

The black rock beach at the park

I wanted to bring a couple of rocks home for the boys, but Mark informed me that it was illegal to do that

We saw a lot of waterfalls

See the road! This was the "good" portion that was not too bumpy

This is about when Mark started to drive me crazy. He really likes the Big Bend type of beauty, while I prefer green. He was stopping every 100 yards to take a picture - I am not kidding!!