Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cade and Chase Update

Cade's evaluation went very well. He met the cute, sweet evaluator and gave her a big hug! He was evaluated by two people. I really appreciate how sweet they were with Cade and how they truly listened to what I was telling them. At this evaluation, they just tested his cognitive skills and his speech (the areas that I am not worried about). He scored average in his speech and above average with his cognitive skills so no worries there. They also stated that they are not concerned at all that he is autistic. I really felt that autism was not a concern but it is nice to hear it from "professionals". I described my concerns about Cade and some of the behaviors that he is exhibiting. They are getting him set up for an evaluation with the Occupational Therapist. That is who can help us with the sensory problems. I really appreciate that they took my concerns seriously. He will most likely meet with the OT sometime during the week of April 9th. We will see where we go from there.

Chase had his quarterly growth doctor appointment. The first time we met with this doctor he started to examine Cade. At first, I thought he was just being nice to Cade. I finally realized that he thought Cade was the patient so we straightened everything out. This time he started examining Cade again!! We had to point out the patient - again! Cade found that to be hysterical. Chase continues to grow very well. He is creeping up to the 25th percentile. We think he will be there by his next appointment. He is now 52 inches tall!! The doctor told me that the 1st 4 years of the therapy are the catch up years. Chase will hit the anniversary of his 3rd year of treatment in July. The doctor told me that a normal growth rate for a child is 4 to 6 cm. per year. He stated that they want to see yearly growth of 6 to 8 cm. when a child is on therapy. Chase is growing at 8 cm. a year so the doctor is very pleased with his progress. The doctor also gave approval to just give the shots in his arms and his legs. Chase was very happy about that because he does not like bottom shots!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dylan!!

Monday was Dylan's birthday. We are so proud of our sweet Dyl. He is so sweet. He will come up and give you a hug and tell you that you are pretty, nice, sweet, the best, etc. He is super smart and super silly. He loves board games, reading, video games, and Pokemon cards. He is the king of the special effects (you should hear him during a light saber battle). We love, love, love our sweet Dylan.

To celebrate Dylan's actual birthday I made him his favorite meal (macaroni and cheese and ham). We gave him his present (Star Wars movies) and we ate the rest of the birthday cake. Mark then took Dylan to Walmart to spend some gift cards that he had received. He picked out a new bike! Mark said that Dylan was being very conscious of the price and he decided to go with the cheaper bike. Dylan was very sad about replacing his old, Batman bike. Mark had to promise to not throw it away! Happy Birthday, Dylan!
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Sweet Nate

A little bit about what is going on in the world of Nate.
I love this age! Nate is a little sponge right now. He is "talking" a lot!! I love listening to his sweet gibberish. We can get him to say almost anything. Chase gets him to say a sentence by having him repeat one word at a time. Chase is so proud of himself! Nate's favorite word right now is "Wow". He gets excited about EVERYTHING. He loves, loves, loves going outside. If you say, "Let's go" or "Time to go outside" he will make a beeline for the door. If you don't go outside for some reason then he will become very upset. Sometimes he will stand by the back door and beg to go outside by saying, "bubbles, bubbles". He loves to blow bubbles outside. He still loves the Wiggles and he will sing the songs and do the motions. He loves to sing. His current favorite is "Twinkle Little Star". He sings it as tinkle, tinkle little tar. So cute!! Yesterday he went out in the rain. He was confused at first and then he decided that he did NOT like the rain. He started to cry so Mark rescued him from the scary rain. He gives the best big hugs. He has gotten stingy with his kisses but we have discovered the trick. You have to make a kissing sound then he will lean over and give you a kiss. He has started to bite at preschool. Hopefully that will be a short-lived phase. He was bit hard at church on Sunday (it left a bruise!). Hopefully that will cure him of biting others. He loves wearing hats, but only if they are on backwards. He also loves wearing shoes as you can tell from the picture below. He is a happy, happy boy! He brings so much joy into our lives.

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Cade Made Contact with the Ball!

Cade actually kicked the ball during the game!! Of course, he did kick it the wrong direction. We are still counting it as progress!

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After the birthday party, Dylan and Cade had soccer games. Dylan was team captain for the day. Since it was his birthday, his coach let him play goalie the entire game.

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