Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Group of Florida Pictures

On Thursday, we rented a boat. We rode around for a while, then we went to a little island which had crabs all over the place (hermit crabs and the kind you eat).

Eating lunch on a boat

I'll never understand why anyone loves Cheetos - grossness to me
This bird started flying with our boat. He hung around for a long time. He was probably hoping for a snack

Crab hunting

This is as far out as Nate would go

Janet with a crab
Chase with a jellyfish

Men hunt ;)

See how Cade is on the shore - he was not a fan of the crab hunting
Nate attempting to pick up a hermit crab - he would pick it up and then drop it because it freaked him out. Anyone want to guess who had to pick up the crabs for him?

Cade finally got brave enough to pick up a hermit crab

Nate's footprints in the sand

Cade with his hermit crab - he really wanted to bring it home. It seems that I am not as nice a mom as Janet ;) He is still asking me for a hermit crab. I have news for him - not going to happen!!

Dylan and Nate

Janet put the sacks for the crabs in her swimsuit! Her sweet husband was calling her the bag lady :)
Dylan decided to try and catch some fish

Cade with his "pet"
See the "fish" that Dylan caught! Have you ever seen such a small fish?
Nate had to help his brother

This baby crab would live to see another day

As we were going back, we saw these 2 dolphins playing. They were so much fun to watch

Cade has crazy hair again
The crabs meet their fate


The last day at the beach. Fay was on her way, so we really thought that there would be huge waves. Instead, there were no waves at all. It was the strangest thing. It was really windy. Cade did not handle the beach well on this day. Every time the wind would blow, the sand would blast him. He was a bit of a mess on this day.
No waves!!
Nate really loved the water without the waves

Nate adores Chase
Nate thinks that Chase is funny

Most of the time that Cade was on the beach this day he was wrapped up in a towel

Jellyfish hunting - Mark and Chris both got stung, they said that it barely hurt
Andrew was telling Nate not to do something and Nate was laughing at him - I don't think he got the point ;)
Nate pouring water on Chase

Since the body boards were no good on the ocean on this day, they used them to build a fort

I love this picture - coming back from our last time at the beach
Dylan and Bryce slept in this cool closet. They loved closing the doors and watching movies in their hide-out.
Can't even tell that there are bunk beds behind the door