Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Six Flags Trip

Of course we had to take a Six Flags trip the week that Drew was here. I could tell that he was not feeling his best, but he would not admit it (because that would mean he might have to leave). He did have periods of time when I could tell he felt better, but it was obvious that he did not feel his best. Admit it, NO WAY. Finally when the park was closed and we were headed to the car, I asked him again if he was feeling okay. That is when I finally got the truth:) This was a memorable Six Flags trip because Cade finally rode the Shock Wave. Mark works by Six Flags, so he swung by after work to pick up the non-roller coaster kids. I started to load Cade up in Mark's truck, and he was going to have none of it. I told him that he could only stay if he rode the Shock Wave, and he did!! Drew and Chase were very encouraging, which was sweet. Of course, I had told them that I would pay them if they helped to get Cade to ride.
See, Drew does not look so good here.

Nate loves this ride
Nate really loves the characters

Nate got very wet on the Roaring Rapids.

Cade on the Shock Wave. He doesn't even look scared!
He did it!!!

Sure he is feeling fine, or not!


See-Dub said...

Glad y'all could overcome sickness and power failure to salvage the outing!

See-Dub said...

OK, so this wasn't yesterday, huh? In any case, I'm glad y'all had a good time—and that Cade mastered the Shock Wave!