Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some pictures

Cade is really having some dressing problems!!
Daddy loving!
Mark was teasing Chase here. He was moaning about how "hurt" he was and asking for someone to bring him a pillow and blanket (which sweet Cade promptly did). The boys were tickling their Daddy and getting him back for teasing Chase. Do you think they love their Daddy? Posted by Picasa

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Scott, Tammie, and Mark
Here is a girl who was passed out on the lawn at the end of the concert. Mark took this picture and then a bunch of other people started lining up to take pictures of her as well. I guess she had a good time!
These pictures are all from my camera phone so they are not the best quality.

Mark and I went to the Def Leppard concert last night. We met up with some friends from church. One word describes the evening - interesting. What is it about concerts that brings out the, um shall we say, the best in people. Where do these people come from? I saw more skin and tattoos then I cared to see. Maybe we are the abnormal ones!!

This is the 3rd Def Leppard concert we have gone to and it ranked at the bottom. I think most of it was the venue and the fact that we were at the very back of the venue. I have to say that it was fun to have a nice night out with friends and to hear some good music. A recent graduate was babysitting for one of the families. When I saw him at church today I asked him how it went. He told me that I would not believe why they needed a babysitter - because the mom went to the Def Leppard concert!! I told him I knew that because I was there too. He did not believe me and dared me to name some of their songs. Does he really think that I am that old that I cannot enjoy a rock concert?! I guess I need to pick up knitting or try to find some Barry Manilow concerts to attend. I need to start acting my age!

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Foot, the Tonsils, and other Ramblings

Chase has had an interesting few days. Thursday was his last day of College for Kids. Parents could go to classes that day so Chase wanted me to go to all of his classes with him. Let me see, 4 hours with a baby who needs a nap and a Cade who is "active" - did not sound like a good plan to me. Instead, we came to his last class of the day - Geology. They were erupting volcanoes. Dylan ate it up! He was participating in the class discussion and talking about what classes he was going to take next year. Chase really enjoyed it too. His favorite classes were Geology and Legos. He wants to go next year too. After the class, we ran a few errands and then we went swimming. Chase stepped into the pool and hit his toe funny. He was really hurt so we waited a little while to see if it got better. Instead of getting better, it started swelling and Chase started crying. We tried to make it to the car to go home, but Chase couldn't make it. I had to call Mark - who wasn't feeling well - to come up to the pool so that he could carry Chase out. Mark took Chase to urgent care where they took an x-ray and determined that it was just a sprain. Chase now gets to wear a boot on his foot for a couple of days. I am having a hard time being sympathetic because Chase has a way of being upset by a tiny scratch or a slight ache. It gets hard to judge whether or not he is truly hurting or just milking his injury. He was certainly milking it today. Everywhere we went he would have to stop and tell people about his foot. We went to his ENT appointment today and he is scheduled to have his tonsils out on August 11th. I WILL have sympathy for him then. The doctor told us that he would miss school for a week?! Is that true? That seems like an excessive recovery time, but what do I know. I hate the thought of surgery, but I love the thought of no more strep throat. Poor Chase. He has been poked and prodded more than any of our other kids. Nate making a break for it!
Nate in his favorite sleeping position. He loves his blue bear blanket that he is holding, but only when he is sleepy.

Nate has learned a lot this week, he now can crawl all the way up the stairs - and FAST! We look away for a second and he is halfway up! I am going gate shopping in the morning. We think we have a gate in the attic, but it is almost impossible to go into our attic and then it might not even be there. Nate also has started saying "more" in sign language and he has started to clap. He is very proud of himself (and so very cute). At the pool, he started to crawl in and I knew he was going to try to go head first. Instead, he stopped himself and turned around on his belly so that he could go in feet first. I love to watch him learning and growing.
Here is Cade's nerd picture. He got dressed himself and was insisting on tucking his shirt into his shorts (with the shorts pulled up high). I was laughing so hard at him that I had to take a picture. His behavior has been so much better lately. I have started to use 1-2-3 Magic. I never wanted to use it before because I wanted him to mind the first time. It is working wonders with him. In his words, #1 means that he needs to stop what he is doing, #2 means that this is his last warning, and #3 means that he is in trouble. It is really helping him learn how to control his behavior. I wish we had started this earlier. That is all for the long ramble! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Eleven Months Old Today

Bubbas making him laugh
His new favorite activity

I cannot believe that my baby is just a month away from being a year old!! My baby is changing every day. His favorite things to do now are play in the cup cabinet and the tupperware cabinet. He also loves to shake his head "no" and when you laugh at him he does it more! He is able to say "all done" in sign language. He is finally drinking out of a sippy cup. I have to admit that I have not worked with him much at all with the cup. He still thinks that his bubbas are the best in the world. They can make him laugh so very hard! This morning, Nate was eating his cereal and Chase was talking to him. Every time that Chase tried to leave, Nate would start fussing. Chase loved it! Our sweet, precious, growing baby boy. Posted by Picasa

Look What Happened Today!

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Swimming Lessons

Should I jump?
Here I go!

About to take a big breath (complete with puffy cheeks) and go underwater

Cade just finished swimming lessons. Although he has improved, he still is not swimming. Maybe next year! Posted by Picasa

Our Neighborhood

Our cute neighbor Vaeda holding Nate

When we moved into our neighborhood, we didn't really have any neighbors. We moved here hoping that there would be kids playing in the streets and neighbors to visit with while the kids play. Luckily for us, we do have the best neighbors. Kids do play outside together while we talk to the neighbors. We truly have a wonderful neighborhood with only a few exceptions. An example of why our neighbors are great - our neighbor across the street works for Dr. Pepper. He knows of my addiction and he is feeding it! He brought me some bottle Dr. Pepper (my drug of choice) freshly bottled that very day. Tomorrow, I am going with a group of neighbors to have a pedicure and then to eat. Wonderful, wonderful neighborhood. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chase's Snake

I need to start this blog by confessing. I have a deep passion for snakes, meaning that I hate them with a passion. I always have and I am betting that I always will. Maybe it is because I grew up in an area with rattlesnakes. Maybe it is because my brothers once told me that a snake bit me and I honestly believed that I was going to die. After running to my mom and hysterically explaining my impending death due to snake bite she examined the "bite" and determined that it was the result of a tree branch. My brothers got me good that time. Maybe I just hate snakes because they are vile and disgusting creatures. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that I don't like them. So what happens? I am blessed with a boy who truly loves snakes. He finds them fascinating. He dreams of having a pet snake. His last 3 birthday parties have had a snake theme! And guess what he wants for this year's party? God has a sense of humor. A few years ago, Mark really wanted to buy him a snake. Lucky for me, that did not happen! I will help to take care of all sorts of pets - except for snakes. Don't ever ask me too. Well, Chase's dream has finally come true. He found a snake in the yard and the snake now lives in Chase's bug habitat. I told him that I would not take care of it and that he better not let it loose in the house. The thought of a snake running loose in my house sends shivers up my spine. I also told Chase to watch out for the cats because cats eat little snakes. When we came home this afternoon, Chase wanted to know if I had let his snake go. Like I would touch the thing! It seems that our special needs kitty, Biscuit, had knocked the bug habitat down and gotten the snake out. My worst nightmare had come true. There was a snake loose somewhere inside my house!!!!! Luckily, Chase walked around the corner and found the snake on the ground next to the kitty. I am sure that Biscuit was enjoying her new toy. Chase rescued the snake. We will see if the snake survives its encounter with Biscuit. Gross, gross, gross!

About Chase, he has strep throat AGAIN. We are being sent to the ENT to see if his tonsils need to come out. Prayers would be appreciated. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Here we are in 1992!

Our anniversary was on Sunday (the 16th). I wanted to post before this, but there has not been a chance. Things have been too busy here lately, Mark and I haven't even been able to go out for our anniversary. Maybe by December we can have a date!

Most of the guys I dated before Mark were really good guys, but they would drive me crazy after 2 weeks. I always wanted them to just go away. There was only one other person besides Mark who I dated for more than 2 weeks. I think about him now and I wonder what I was thinking!?!?! Mark and I were set up on a blind date by my brother. We were really just friends at first. I remember that even before we were dating Mark helped me through hard times. He rescued me from the Taco Bell drive through when he saw me crying (no, it wasn't the fact that I had to eat Taco Bell that had me crying). He is still there for me during the hard times. When my heart was breaking 2 years ago, he was my rock and my encouragement. Any time I need to talk to someone, he is there for me. He has always been so supportive. How many dads do you know who take care of their 4 boys while their wife is gone all day working? Most of the time without complaint! Mark knew from the start that I wanted at least 4 kids. He seems to remember a conversation that we had where I agreed to 3 - I seem to have blotted that conversation from my memory! The truth is that Mark is the best daddy! He plays with the boys and spends time with the boys. The boys have a relationship with their daddy and they feel very loved by their daddy. Watching him with the boys makes me love him even more! I love him very much and I feel very blessed that I get to share my life with him. I know that Mark is the man who I was meant to marry. I have never regretted marrying him and I never want him to go away. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Little Bit about Nater Tater Tot

Nate loves to lift his arms high then slam them down on the table - Good times!
Nate "helping" me clean my office

Nate continues to make us laugh all of the time. He has really developed a temper and I can't help but laugh. I will take away something that he wants (car keys, cell phone, remote) and he will get furious. He will tense his body up and shake with rage and then he will scream and hit at you. Not sweet, I know, but it does make me laugh (no, I don't let him see me laugh - he is getting the proper "No!"). I do love that he is learning to express himself. He sleeps with his blue bear. His new trick is to throw it out of his bed and then scream for me. I am not starting that game! The first day he tried that, I got him up after his not-very-good nap and he told me all about it. It was like he was really trying to tell me what happened and that he was not happy about it.

I can tell that I am babying my sweet baby (and I don't care!). For example, I remember that when Chase was Nate's age Chase was already drinking out of a cup - not Nate. I worked a lot harder with Chase about teaching him where his eyes were and where his nose was - things like that. With Nate, I am content with just enjoying him being a baby for as long as it lasts. Especially since he is probably my last baby. The simple acts of snuggling with him in the morning and feeding him bring me so much joy and peace. I don't want him to grow up, but that year birthday keeps creeping up. For now, I will enjoy my sweet baby boy.

We finally gave up on the high chair! Nate would wiggle out of the straps, stand up, and turn around. It made meal time so much fun!!! We have him in a booster seat now (with good straps) at the table. He really loves being at the table with us. Mealtime is so much easier now. Nate has also discovered the joy of opening and exploring cabinets. It is so past time to finish childproofing! Nate especially loves to open the cabinet and then slam the door shut (over and over again). He will squint his eyes closed when the door slams (like his reaction to the fireworks). He must like it because he does it over and over again. Funny boy! Posted by Picasa

Some Nater Tot Pics

Blowing Bubbles
Nate loves to stick out his tongue!

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Some People

Sometimes I forget that some people in the world are not very nice. Some people in the world make choices that make me cringe. I believe that most people are good or at least they want to be good. But then there are those the man picking his son up at college for kids. The parking assistant was kindly asking the man to pull his car forward because his car was in the fire zone. Simple request, right? This man starting yelling and screaming. And let's just say that he was not using words that are kind to the ears of children. He kept getting in this poor parking assistant's face. Even after campus security came the man continued to rant and rave - OVER PULLING HIS CAR FORWARD!!!! His poor kid just kept trying to crawl into the Mercedes. Why? I just don't get it. Then there was the lovely conversation I overheard at the airport (woman was talking loudly on her cell phone right beside me so she was not trying to be discreet). She was telling her friend all about the lovely time she had just had with this man. And about how she "gave" him a great time (so discreet). Apparently, he had a surprise for her that he finally revealed at dinner. He had gotten married!! She told him congratulations. She then proceeded to tell her friend that he should be married, after all, she is!!!!! Makes me feel so glad to get back home to my sweet, sweet family.

My College Kid

Here is Chase and his friend Colton leaving for their first day of "college". They have both been enjoying it so far. Chase has built and exploded a volcano. He has also built a lot of things out of LEGOs including windshield wipers. He has been very responsible about the phone. He has only used it once. He used it on the first day when he went to the wrong parking lot. I was so glad that he had the phone because I would have PANICKED if I had not been able to find him. I can't believe how big my boy is getting. It seems like just yesterday he was my baby :( Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Crew

Mark's cousin Jane, her husband Bob, and their two boys (Trey and Caleb) stopped by for a visit on Friday. The boys had such a great time playing together. Even with 9 boys in the house, they were so good. We all went to the water park for a while. Nate was ready to go by the time we took this picture! Posted by Picasa

Sweet Lee

Our nephew Lee is incredibly sweet to Nate. He carried him all around the reptile building and showed him all the snakes. Look at the sweet picture of Nate looking up at Lee. Posted by Picasa

More Zoo Pictures

I couldn't get a good angle for this picture but Lee is feeding his ticket to a goat.
The crew - this is the best picture of the 2 I took (Lee is into making silly faces)
Cade, Trent, and Dylan
Charlotte with Nate - he got water all over his shirt so that is why he is shirtless (look at that cute tummy) Posted by Picasa