Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Portrait of a Tuesday

Today started like most Tuesdays begin. After all the boys were dropped off at school, I began the Tuesday morning hurry up and straighten the train wreck of a house before the cleaning ladies arrive. Most Tuesdays I do not shower until the afternoon because of the crazy cleaning rush, and because I do not want to be in the shower when the cleaning ladies arrive. My wardrobe of choice today was a t-shirt and some workout pants (they need to be worn for some reason). After my house is "clean" and Nate is down for a nap (which he actually took today), I start in on some of my work. Today's task was a filing job. I was being productive, so the shower keeps getting pushed back. The boys come home from school, and I continue to be productive. Something starts nagging at me. I get the sense that I am forgetting something. I decide that I better look at my calendar when, BAM, I remember!! I was supposed to pick up my friend's son from his school!!! I look at the clock and panic, the poor child is already out of school. We rush to the car, and I drive as fast as I legally can. I call the school (a very prestigious school) and let them know that I am coming. That is when I become cognizant of the fact that I don't have shoes on my feet. I flash to a vision of having to walk into this prestigious school in my white trash glory! For review, no shower and smelly, no make-up, yucky clothes, hair pulled back (not neatly) into a ponytail, and no shoes. Better than that, none of the boys have shoes on their feet. In fact, Nate does not even have on pants. What an embarrassment to my friends. It was one of my finer moments. Fortunately for me, I did not have to get out of the car!! Cade's buddy climbed into the car, and I apologized profusely to him. He was gracious and quickly forgave me. He even tried to make me feel better by telling me that there would be no extra charge, but if I had been 5 minutes later!! Of course, then I had to confess to his parents when they arrived to pick him up from my house. There is no way to make it look better. "Thanks for letting me pick up your son, sorry I almost forgot and was ridiculously late." Of course, they were very gracious. Do you think that they will ever ask me to pick him up again? If they do, you better believe that I will be setting an alarm or 20! How late was I? Let's just leave it at late ;)


I haven't been blogging much lately. It is not because there is nothing going on, it is more because life is busy. I also have to get a certain amount of work done before Mark and I leave on our big trip (I am so excited about that).

Here is a little bit about what is going on with Nate. He got some Moon Sand for his birthday, not my favorite play item. Anyone who has had experience with this item does not need me to explain why. This one is a little better because it comes with a contained area. It still makes a mess. Nate LOVES it! He spends hours playing with it! Thank you Chris and Janet (I really mean that). Nate is also very into puzzles right now. He does numerous puzzles every day. He has also discovered the computer. He loves to play games at Nick Jr. and on Club Penguin. It is amazing how well he can navigate on the computer. Nate continues to be a chatterbox. He still says, "foots" for "feet". I love that. He loves to sing. He will sit at the table playing with his moon sand or a puzzle, and he will start singing a song. This song is often one that he is making up at the moment. Yesterday, he was singing a song with lyrics such as "I miss you, are you going to miss me? I love you". It was so sweet. At night, I sing a song with him. I normally sing a line, and then he fills in a word. One night, I made up a song about a train. Nate obviously loved it because he asks for it almost every night. The only problem is that I cannot remember the song. I have invented another one every night :) Nate is still not consistently taking a nap. He takes one or two a week. On the no-nap days, Nate is very grumpy in the evening. Yesterday, he fell asleep while I was driving Chase to tennis practice. He slept from about 4:45 until around 6. This did not work as well either. At 10 p.m., he was still going at full speed :O

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Pictures from a Friend - Dinosaur Valley Camping Trip

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