Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Straight from Nate

Nate calls it like he sees it.  I picked him up in the carpool line one day, without makeup on.  He hops in the car and does not greet me.  Instead, I get, "Did you not put makeup on today?"  Nice.

‎"Nate, you really did a great job on your report card. There is only one area where you could improve." His

 reply, "I wasn't even trying my hardest!"

My sweet Nate LOVES my tuna casserole  He ate multiple helpings and then told me that it is so good that I 

should put up a stand and sell it. I love my boy.

My sweet Nate does not like Chick-fil-A. Crazy, I know. He explained to me, "I like the chicken, just not the 


SOME of us in this family have been praying for a baby girl from China. Before prayers tonight, Nate wanted 

to know why she had to come from China. I told him that she didn't and asked him where he thinks she should 

come from. He thought Mexico. I told him that Mexico isn't an easy country to adopt from, so he thought we 

should adopt from here or from...where is Mrs. Logsdon from - Oklahoma.

Life in iPhone Pictures - More Italy (Florence)

 Pictures from the top

 Train station