Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stair Steps

My boys are truly stair steps right now. Dylan and Cade had their well checks. Chase is now 49 inches tall, Dylan is 45 inches tall, and Cade is almost 41 inches tall. They are all 4 inches apart from their nearest brother. Dylan is in the 7th percentile. He informed me that he is very concerned about his growth. Poor baby! I want him to be proud of who he is and not worry about things like that. Cade is in the 50th percentile. Quick review: Chase, 10th percentile; Dylan, 7th percentile; Cade, 50th percentile; and Nate, 10th percentile. Mark and I are guessing that Cade got our single height gene :)

Sweet Nothings

Dylan opening some presents at the family birthday party
Some of Dylan's loot
Cade in the high chair
Ashley (neice), Chase, and Cade

Last weekend we went to Abilene. Chase and Dylan went to the deer lease with Mark and had a great time (with the exception of a mild sunburn). We got to spend some time with Mark's grandmother. She kept touching Nate and looking at him. He was very happy and cute while we were visiting her! When we left on Sunday, she said that she has a wonderful family. While we were still in Abilene, we had a family birthday party for Dylan on his actual birthday. He was so excited about all of his books. He is trying to decide which ones to read first. He also got some DS games, a beyblade, and a Star Wars Lego ship (he flies it around with the sound effects of course). His big party is Friday night! He is sooooo excited. Ashley is my neice and she is very cute and extremely sweet (gives me girl envy). She was being so nice to Cade and was playing Hide and Seek with him (you can guess how well a 4 year old plays Hide and Seek). It reminded me of when Uncle Jason used to play Hide and Seek with Chase when Chase was 3 or 4. Chase was the worst hider ever. He would either hide the exact same spot that Jason just hid in or he would tell you exactly where he was going to hide. We would laugh so hard at him. I hate how fast they grow up.

We have been having a few poop issues (aren't those always fun). Cade had a very mild GI bug. One morning he tried to make it to the potty but left me a present right next to the potty. Then he was kind enough to try to clean it up with toilet paper. He finally called me for help. You know you are a mom when cleaning poop off the floor, the child, the potty, and the wall does not phase you at all. After I got him all cleaned up, I picked Nate up and was loving on him when I felt the wetness on the back. Yes, my life is just full of poop at times! The favorite poop instance happened at my in-laws. We could not find Cade outside for a few minutes. The other boys found him and informed us that his pants were down and he had poop on his bottom. Yes, you guessed it - he dropped his drawers and pooped on the ground in the front yard of my in-laws house (so sorry, Charles and Ann). The moments that make a mommy proud!

Here are some random sweet nothings. Cade can be so incredibly sweet. He was really worn out at Six Flags but he wanted to go on the Mini Mine Train, until it was time to get on the ride. As I was taking him out of line, he held me tight, laid his head on my shoulder, and told me that I was the best mommy in the world. I love being his mommy! We were talking about body parts the other day. I was asking him what this part was and what that part was. We got to his chest and I asked him what it was, his answer - POLKA DOTS! So funny! He also crawled up in the high chair today which is very funny because he did not like it much as a baby. He always wanted to be at the table like his brothers. Tonight, Jenise and I took the boys to Disney on Ice - The Incredibles. The boys had a great time! They gave out bands with tiny lights on them. The band scared Cade to death. He finally put it on very briefly. After the performers talked about the band having powers, Cade would have nothing to do with that band. Beware the band! Ann (my mother-in-law) has been here this week in order to help me with my work. I am paying her, but Chase was not aware of that. With a very sad face, he told Grammy that it just seems to him that she is a slave! Funny boy!

Nate's New Trick

Nate has discovered his tongue! He loves to move it around, stick it out, make it big, and make it small. He does this A LOT! It is very cute. He has also learned to bounce in his exersaucer. That is great fun for him. He is so happy and cute!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sweet Dylan

This week has been incredibly busy and I have not had time to post, I really don't have the time now but I want to write about my Dylan. I cannot believe that it has been 7 years already. He is turning into such a sweet, thoughtful boy. He has always been the one that will tell you that you look beautiful or that you're the best mommy ever! He will also let you know when you have bad breath! He tells it like he sees it! He is also the one that remembers to say thank you. He is super smart, he really amazes us sometimes. He uses words that makes us laugh. The other day he was in a little bit of trouble and he told me to just throw away all of his presents (he can be dramatic). I asked him why I would do that and he said because of his "issue". He is very hard on himself and I really think that he does not have a clue about what a wonderful boy he really, truly is. He will notice the littlest detail that escapes us. He loves to read and uses his nightlight to read at bedtime (until he is caught). He provides a soundtrack to his life by adding sound effects (shooting sounds are a particular favorite of his). He tries to make up jokes and to be funny but his jokes are unfortunately not so funny. You can talk to him about something but he sometimes does not hear you unless you have him look you in the eyes. He is a sweet brother and very kind. He loves to play soccer at school, to read, to play video games, to snuggle, to watch movies, and to learn. He has the cutest blue eyes and a wonderful smile. We love him and cannot imagine life without him. Sweet, sweet Dylan.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Baby is 7!

Dylan a couple of weeks ago
About 4 here?
Dylan around 9 months

Dylan at 11 months after his surgery.

I can't believe how much my sweet, smart boy has grown. I will blog more about Dylan tomorrow. We just got back from Abilene and I am tired! Happy Birthday Dyl!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

More Pictures Stolen from the In-laws Computer

At the hospital after Cade was born

Good form!
I am stealing some pictures of my kids from my in-laws' computer. They don't mind sharing!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Chase and Cade on the day of Jason and Kristen's wedding - 2003
Chase and Dylan - early 2000 or late 1999
Chase holding baby Cade
Chase - late '99 or early '00
Easter 2000
Cade - Home from the Hospital
Dylan holding Cade

Seven Months Old!

Nate visiting Great Gran in February

I cannot believe that my baby is 7 months old today! It is just not fair. My last, sweet baby is growing up before my eyes. He is sitting up much better now and is really starting to crawl. He will get up on all fours and rock and rock. When he really wants to reach something, he finds a way to get there. (Like grabbing the sandwich I had just bought and dropping it on the ground so that Mommy could go buy a new sandwich) Our home is so NOT childproofed! Of course, Chase and Dylan love Legos now. If Nate never swallows a Lego it will be a miracle. He has been trying to suck his thumb, but after having 3 thumb suckers, we are really pushing the paci. Sof far, so good. I can throw a paci away later, but not a thumb. If Cade had not broken his arm, he would still be sucking his thumb! Nate is eating solids 3 times a day now. He likes almost all of it. His favorite vegetables are green beans and butternut squash with corn. I bet when he is 3 I will not be able to get him to eat green beans. He likes all of the fruit. We have tried to give him some veggie puffs, but he cannot figure those out yet. He is really starting to grab things and watches everything that goes on around him. He rarely gets to stay in church anymore because he talks, talks, talks! He loves his brothers so much! He just lights up when they are around. He is so sweet, happy, and loving. He is showing his temper though - like when I dared to take my keys away from him. I know I am biased, but he is incredibly cute! We are truly blessed by having him in our lives.

We are in Abilene this weekend visiting Charles, Ann, and Great Gran. I will post some more recent Nate pictures when I am home and have access to the pictures on my computer.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring Break Fun!

Aunt Sheri and Lanae
Play-dough Fun!
Uncle Jason and Ben by the Elephants
Cade's actual birthday - He's 4!
Cousins at the Aquarium
Uncle Jared tickling us with his moustache

The boys had Spring Break last week and they had FUN! Jared and Sheri stayed from Monday until Thursday night. Jason and Kristen stayed at her parents and joined us for lots of fun things. On Tuesday, we went to the Dallas Aquarium. The boys were able to see a sloth up close and they were able to watch the otters playing. The highlight for Cade was seeing a starfish (super tiny but he found it!). That night we had a family party for Cade's birthday since it was his actual birthday. He was so excited to get more presents (spoiled rotten!). On Wednesday we all went to the zoo. Kristen's mom and sister joined us too. It was great to have the extra hands! It was very crowded but a lot of fun. We found out later that it was the highest attendance ever at the zoo, over 16,000! Watching some mothers "interact" with their children at the zoo made me want to hug my children very tight! On Thursday we went to an indoor bounce and activity house place near our house. Everybody loved it! Jared got a very good work out going through all of the activity houses with Lanae. She couldn't have been cuter! On Friday, I took the boys to Six Flags along with Chase's friend Colton. Mark joined us after he got off of work. Dylan was going to try the Shock Wave until we got there. Poor thing started crying (that will embarrass him someday). Of course we did not make him go on it! Now he is saying that he is going to go next time - I will believe that when I see it! Tragedy happened while we were there. Chase dropped his shark tooth necklace down a crack in line for a ride. He is devastated that it is gone. Now Mark has an ebay mission. Mark noticed lightning starting up so we packed up and left. It was perfect timing. By the time we were on the highway, it was pouring! Colton ended up spending the night. I told them to go to bed by 11 but they "forgot". No telling when they went to sleep. The boys were very lazy on Saturday (it was pouring). They needed to recoup! They had FUN! It was especially great to see all the cousins. I have to brag on Sheri a little bit. She really amazes me. Not only is she a wonderful person and great to talk to, but she is such a hard worker and so organized. She left my house cleaner than it was when she came. I don't know how she does it. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful sisters-in-law. I wish I could see them more often.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to Our Joy!

Cade at age 2

Cade as a baby - soooo cute

Cade as a big boy!

Cade with Mommy when he was a baby

I can't believe he is actually 4 years old today. Where has my baby gone? Cade brings so much joy into our lives. He truly makes us laugh so much, because sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. For example, yesterday I was in my room feeding Nate when Chase informed me that Cade was eating a waffle straight out of the freezer. What I discovered is that he also added syrup to said waffle. Syrup was also added in large amounts to the table, floor, and countertops. I cleaned it up, and Mark cleaned it up more later because he discovered more syrup. You have to laugh! Cade is a very unique child with a strong sense of adventure. He loves roller coasters, the Wiggles, Play-dough, music, his brothers, the color yellow, and dress up. He cannot stand it if someone sits in HIS seat or if he gets a drop of water on his shirt. Oh the distress he feels if things do not go exactly as he envisions them in his head. He is quiet and you think that he might not be absorbing things until weeks later he will make a statement and you realize that he is listening to every word and storing it all in his very interesting brain. I think he draws very well for his age (I admit I may be biased). He also makes up the cutest songs, most often about rocket ships. I cannot wait to see what he becomes. He is incredibly sweet to his baby brother. It really surprises me how loving he is to Nate. He talks to him and tries to play with him. He tries to carry him also when I am not watching (not a good thing to see). He will bring Nate a silky if Nate is upset. He talks in the absolutely sweetest voice to Nate. Cade also asks to snuggle with me. He wants to be in the same room as me. He loves riding on my back. He loves giving hugs and kisses. He loves playing rough with his Daddy. I love my sweet boy so! Happy Birthday sweet, sweet Cade!

Chase Pictures

Chase with Daddy on his 5th birthday!

Chase in the Spring of 2004

Chase at Cade's party. He is getting way too big!

Here are some pictures that show how much Chase has grown. We can't believe the difference in 3 years! We did not have a digital camera when Chase was 5 but we borrowed one for the day. He is growing too fast. He really is our treasure.

Monday, March 13, 2006

He is Still Growing

Quick Chase update. We had his quarterly check-up today with his growth doctor. He is now 49 inches tall and weighs 59 pounds. I told him he was tall enough to ride the Titan (he still says no way). He is still tracking at the 10th percentile for growth. We are so thankful that he is back on the charts. We are wondering if he has leveled out now and will remain at the 10th percentile. The doctor said that they really watch the bone age growth (the space between the bones in their hand show if they are growing properly). He said that Chase's is now at 95 % so he is very pleased with Chase's progress. The first time that we met with this doctor he spent the first few minutes examining Cade until I realize that he thought Cade was Chase. That mistake was very funny to Chase. This visit Chase was trying to convince the doctor that Cade was Chase. Didn't work! Overall, good progress! I was going to post a picture of Chase before he started the injections, but blogger won't let me. I will try again later.

Chase is all about Daddy lately. He made the cutest book for his Daddy. Here it is (with Chase's spelling)

Front Cover includes a drawn picture of Daddy (He draws stick figures just like his mommy)

A BOOK adout my DADDY

I Love him. He is the nises. He always Loves me (Doesn't that say it all!) He sot (shot) a deer and a qual. He is the best. From Chase elestrated by Chase

Page one is a picture of a turkey.

Page two:

Daddy is very very sweat. He always reads hunting Book's and out door Book's. He loves to eat deer, losonwoe (????), Chip's and eny thank ells. (anything else) He loves mommys cooking and wen She takes cer of Chas, Dlan, Cade, and Nate. He likes going out side and watching TV. I thank he is the best dad in

Page three:

the world. The END

Page four is a drawing of a deer.

Page five:

Next time

A drawing of a bear - I guess there is another story to come.

Can't you tell what a great Daddy Mark is! He loves his boys and spends time with them. Best of all, they know that he loves everyone of them. Lucky boys!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Birthday Bash

Cade really wanted his birthday party to be at Chuck E. Cheese's. He had a great time. His friends Luke, Lily, Macon, Hannah Grace, Westin, Cole, Katelyn, Lang, Lanae, Blake, and Bailey came to his party. Neisey and Wesley came too! He was in HEAVEN! Here are a few pictures of the birthday fun!

Expecting Company

This is the sight that I saw the other day. I told Cade to put up the cups that he had gotten out but he told me that we were expecting company!

Funny boy

That is a lot of cups! How many guests are we having?

Here is where Cade likes to "work" while I am in my office working. Cade's favorite work is and He likes to "work" on the computer while I am working on my computer. I love to have him in there with me. Sweet boy! He has also started doing something that just cracks me up. The boys will be kissing me goodbye. If Dylan or Chase kiss me before Cade kisses me then he has to wipe his brother's germs off of my mouth before he can kiss me. Like that gets rid of the germs!