Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ski Trip!

The boys were out of school for a few days so we decided to take a ski trip to Red River. I love to ski. I used to go skiing at least once a year but since children....not so much. The last time that I really went skiing was when Chase was a baby! I went skiing when Chase was 5 but I never made it off of the bunny slope - that really doesn't count as skiing. We skied with Chase that day and we were going to ski by ourselves the next day but we had to leave because there was a blizzard coming. This trip, we decided to take Chase and Dylan with us and leave Cade and Nate at the grandparents. Cade really wanted to go skiing but we knew that he was not ready. I don't want him to have a bad experience and then hate it forever. Dylan was hesitant to go, but he LOVED it! The boys had a great time. They both did very well with only one minor catastrophe which is described below. Mark and I really enjoyed having a day together (the boys went to ski school the first day). The mountain was not crowded at all. The snow wasn't great, but we still had a fantastic time. It really was a lot of fun.

Here is Chase with Jenise. This is the first time that he ever went skiing. He was 5.
My boys ready to ski. Notice how Chase is holding his jacket. Even though it was supremely cold, he refused to wear it. It wouldn't be cool.
Dylan is under there somewhere.
Ready for the catastrophe story? Chase and Dylan were doing great on the bunny slope so we decided to take them on the beginner slope. I rode with Chase on the way up and discussed with him how this hill was not like the bunny slope. I talked about how it was steeper and he needed to make big turns all over the mountain. This is what Chase must have heard, "I am so good at this that I don't need to listen to what my mom is telling me. I have this skiing thing down." So, we are at the top of the mountain and Mark is starting to take Dylan down when Chase decides to take off. Does he do what we had talked about? Oh no! He points his skis down and takes off. He very quickly is out-of-control and zipping, flying, streaking down the hill. It was truly terrifying to watch your child in danger and not be able to do anything about it. He is almost to the bottom of the hill when the ski patrol starts running at him and yelling at him to fall down. He finally falls down and is not injured. He came very close to running into the chair lift line. The ski patrol guys were firm but kind. It was scary. He was spooked and did not want to ski anymore. I made him immediately go back up because I wanted him to know that he could do it. He did fine the next time but he was still spooked. (By the way, don't mention it to him because it still upsets him). We went back to the bunny slope for a while. By the end of the day, he was doing great on the bigger slope. Dylan skied so well. He did so much better than I ever thought he would. The best thing, the boys loved skiing and cannot wait until we can go again.

It is hard to ski when you lose your ski
Isn't he cute!
So happy!

Dylan following Daddy down the big hill. He did great!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What a Ding Dong

When I take all 4 boys to the grocery store with me I often sound like a broken record. Things like, "we are only getting what we need" and "that really isn't the healthiest choice" come out of my mouth over and over again. "Oranges? That sounds like a great idea." "Cookies, those aren't really good for you." I don't want to complete ban the "bad" foods because I feel that then they will obsess over only the "bad" foods. I also feel that most things are fine in moderation. Well, Cade spied the Ding Dongs at the store and really wanted some. Initially, I told him "no". Of course he wanted to know why so I told him that Ding Dongs weren't really good for your body and that they could make you fat. Smart Cade pointed out to me that his Aunt Charlotte (very thin) eats Ding Dongs. Then, he very innocently asked me if he was fat! We went home with the Ding Dongs. Cade has been enjoying them immensely. This morning, he tried to eat one for breakfast. He was devastated when I would not approve of his breakfast choice! He pointed out to me that he needs to be fattened up! (I have been telling him lately that he is too skinny and I need to fatten him up - I need to be more careful about what I say). His argument did not work this time, no Ding Dongs for breakfast. Instead, he optd for the "healthier" choice of waffles and syrup.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Two of the Many

Two of the Many Reasons that I Love My Boys

1) Cade was so excited the other day. He had library day at school and he brought home a book for Chase. He saw this snake book and he just knew that Chase would love it. He couldn't wait to show Chase and let Chase look at it. Did it really matter that the book was written in Spanish?

2) Every day when we drop off the boys Nate tells them all goodbye, always in the same order.

"Bye, Chaser. Bye, Dlwan. Bye, Cade Cader Raider."

I love my sweet boys.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last Trip to Six Flags

We took our last trip of the season to Six Flags on the 2nd. It was cold, but we bundled up. Cousins and Aunt Charlotte joined us and we had a fantastic time. Some of our favorite rides were closed, but the boys still had a blast. Lines were almost non-existent which is always a plus. Charlotte and her boys were able to buy super cheap season passes since they don't live here. I can't wait to go back with all the cousins this summer. I really enjoy being able to do something fun with my boys. I am glad that they will have memories of riding the Titan with me (if I can ever get anyone else besides Chase on it). Dylan is not so brave about roller coasters, but he has a strong love of any ride that involves spinning. (I can only handle a little bit of those without feeling like puking).
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More Holiday in the Park

Does it look like I feel like puking?
Nate with whipping cream face (from the hot chocolate).
My cute boy
Nate just loves the characters
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The Tea Cups

They all love the tea cups. They rode it again and again. I am shocked that there was no vomit involved.
Nate had to ride it, too (unfortunately for me - this is not my favorite ride, and I can only ride it once or there could be dire consequences)

Look at Nate's little Pooh head sticking up.
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More Holiday in the Park

I love this picture of Chase and Drew
My nephew, Lee, was trying to get Cade to make a hand signal.
Even Nate rode the Sombrero. Nate really wanted to ride this time. He even went on his first roller coaster! (The Mini Mine Train)
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Holiday in the Park

I loved watching Nate walking away (so cute all bundled up). Charlotte and my nephews were able to stay for a few days. We had a great time.
My niece came and stayed with us for a few days. It was great to have her. We lucked out and someone was selling a ticket for $5 so Ashley was able to get into Six Flags for cheap!! Yeah, God!
It was cold!!
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back at Home

Nate's cousin, Lee, helping to put together Nate's new garage (which he LOVES)
Nate loving on Georgie the dog
Hanging out with his cousin and Georgie - look! He actually has clothes on!
Broken lampshade = fun
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More Pictures from Christmas

The attack of Uncle Brad
Nate loved playing the piano with Grammy. He would really try to play and he would sing along. He truly loves music.

Nate happy to be home and back in his element :0
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Visit from Mark's Cousin

Mark's cousin, Jane, and her family were able to come and see us at Christmas. It was wonderful to see them. They have 3 boys including sweet baby Reagan.
The clan, notice that my niece Ashley is the only girl in the group (poor thing)
Silly face picture
Cade with Reagan
Nate really wanted to hold the baby. Watch out, when he is done with holding Reagan then he pratically throws him off of his lap.
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Santa Picture

We had a very hard time fitting in a Santa visit this year. We finally went at 8 in the morning on Christmas Eve. It actually ended up being fun and something that I may do every year. After we saw Santa (there was no line) then we went with my friend Debby and her son to eat at Ihop. The boys were in heaven there. You should have seen how much they ate! It was a fun morning.

Nate is not happy about this.
Look, he wasn't happy last year either!
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