Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Straight from Nate

Nate and Cade spent a couple of nights with Grammy and Granddad.  Grammy sent me a Nate quote.

Tonight before dinner Nate raised his shirt, pinched the skin around his belly button and asked, "Grammy, can I have one of those little donuts with the white stuff on top?  I only have one percent flab on my belly."

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Life in iPhone Pics - Italy

More Florence

Cracked me up that instead of juice boxes there were wine boxes

On top of the duomo - 400 something steps

- Jenna

Life in iPhone Pics - Italy

Next, we went to Florence. We loved our hotel there

More Florence

- Jenna

Life in iPhone Pictures - Rome

This cracked me up

Triton's fountain

Ruins in Rome


- Jenna

Life in iPhone Pics - Italy

Last night at our villa - off to Rome

Our amazing hotel room in Rome

The view of Rome from our balcony

Walking around Rome

- Jenna

Life in iPhone Pictures - Italy

Amalfi coast

The cars and parking situations were very interesting

View from our villa


- Jenna

Life in iPhone Pictures - Italy

The view from our villa on the Amalfi Coast - it was 140 steps to the villa!

Eating pizza the first night

A spot my parents wanted us to find - can't believe we spotted it. This is in Sorrento

Amalfi Coast

- Jenna

Life in iPhone Pictures - Italy

On our first flight to Italy. I had stayed up the entire night before finishing things up. I still couldn't sleep very much on the flights. I don't seem to have that ability.

Jenise watched the boys for us. She truly rocks. She sent this picture of Nate

Part of the menu on our flight

Me and Charlotte

My seat was broken. They couldn't fix it, but Brad was kind enough to switch seats with me

Dinner on the plane

- Jenna

Life in iPhone Pictures

Sweet kitty

Many trees looked like this in our neighborhood this summer

Mark feeding Bonnie some pizza right before she had to be put down

- Nate's birthday cake