Thursday, September 28, 2006

Last Group

My brother, Jared
Can't you tell that this is a fun place to play! Posted by Picasa

The Pictures Don't Stop

We did this A LOT!
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Lots and Lots of Pics

Lang with his cousin Bryce - who was 3 when we got married!!! He now is the cutest, nicest boy. So sweet to his little cousins and to my boys.

I crashed at the end of this slide and got the prettiest bruise ever!
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Even More Pictures

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More Pictures

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Pictures from Let's Jump

My sweet niece, Lanae
My nephew, Lang

Sheri's sister was so kind to send me a ton of pictures that she had including these. So nice of her. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's Official, I am a MESS!

This is what happens when we find the powder

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The Things They Do

I think the Tooth Fairy might have had a difficult time obtaining Dylan's tooth last night. Dylan put his tooth in the tooth holder and then he proceeded to put his tooth IN his pillowcase with the opening of the pillowcase placed toward the wall and went to sleep on said pillow. I did not talk to the Tooth Fairy, but I suspect that she had a difficult time finding the tooth holder, retrieving the tooth holder, and then returning the tooth holder with the loot. Luckily, she was successful! I had Dylan's teacher conference today. He is doing very well in school. She commented on how funny Dylan is. She stated that she and the gifted and talented teacher exchange stories about the funny things that Dylan comes up with in class. He is a hoot!

Today we had an adventure in dressing with Cade. He has a new favorite shirt. He loves this orange Pokemon shirt that was Chase's favorite when he was 4 or 5. Needless to say it is not in the best shape. Well Cade likes to dress himself now. This morning, a school day, he came down in this Pokemon shirt and with some big soccer shorts. I was able to tell him that soccer shorts are not good school shorts and that he needed to put on jean shorts. No problem. Of course he put on a pair that was too big. Fortunately, he let me help him pick out another pair. I really wanted the Pokemon shirt off (it is time for that shirt to find the trash can). Luckily, Cade ate waffles so I just had to watch closely until he dropped a bite on himself (always happens). Then, he had to change his shirt because it was dirty! Problem solved!! Well, not quite. He changed into his brother's too big for him Pokemon shirt. I just gave up! That was not a battle worth fighting and he went to school happy!

Fortunately, Nate is feeling better today. He finally said Ma-Ma yesterday. It was very pitiful because he was hurting and needing me, but it was music to my ears. He now prefers walking to crawling. If he falls down then he will get back up and walk again. I especially love how he is imitating behaviors now. If he gets a hat, he puts it on his head. Sunglasses? On his face. Phone? To his ear. Hairbrush? He tries to comb the pitiful amount of hair that he has. When I put shampoo on his hair in the bathtub then he puts his hands up to his head and starts to scrub. So cute. Another thing that he does that makes me laugh is that when I tell him "no" he will turn around and look at me with his cute face and say "ya". I was also excited to learn that he now weighs 19 pounds and 10 ounces. We may make the 20 pounds mark before he reaches 15 months! I just love my little peanut!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Poor, Sweet, Baby Boy

It hurts, Mommy!
Totally unrelated picture of Cade at his Bring Someone Special to Breakfast at preschool - He's so cute!

Poor Nate has been miserable the last 2 days. He has had a lovely case of diarrhea which has led to a killer diaper rash. Desitin makes him scream. The only thing we can use is Vaseline with baby powder. Wipes are out of the question. His poor, little bottom is bright, bright, bright red and it is on fire. My poor, precious baby. It was bad enough that we made a trip to the pediatrician today. When we were in the lobby, Cade pulled a cracker out of his pocket. A CRACKER!! Can you imagine the mess that a cracker could have made? He said that he brought it for Nate. He makes me laugh. Posted by Picasa

Notice anything different?

Dylan's other front tooth has been loose for some time. He has wiggled it, has had Mark tried to pull it, and has eaten foods like apples in order to encourage it to come out. Tonight, he was determined. He had Mark try to pull it again and again. Blood was flowing but Dylan was brave and determined. After about 10 pulls, there it was! Now he is missing his 2 front teeth. So cute. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Return of My Sweet Chase

I have always been so proud of Chase's sweet, sweet heart. I have known that with age would come some attitude. It rears its ugly head from time to time. Lately, Chase has not been too pleased with having to help around the house. The other day, my sweet Chase returned. He started cleaning the house just to be sweet to me. He cleaned out the kitty litter and took out the trash - without me asking him to do it!! He organized the pantry, which was so sweet of him to do but now I can't find anything!! I just love him. He truly has a precious soul. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We Laugh, We Cry, We Try to NOT Throw Up!

Living with 4 boys is never boring. They do things to make us laugh. Like how Cade is suddenly confusing his alphabet. His version goes like this...ABCDEFGHR ??? It took a while yesterday to correct that. And Cade's observation that his skin is skinny!! Or the classic, my underwear wet my bed. And Nate discovered sliding for the first time yesterday! He loved it so much. Of course his sliding involves me holding him down the slide. After 20+ slides I was worn out. He was not and he expressed his frustration with me when we left the park. He also has a way of eating that makes me laugh. He likes to put his foot on the table. He thinks it is very funny! Then there is the crying which lately is done by me when Nate decides to pull my hair - HARD. Another activity that he thinks is very funny! Then there is the trying to not throw up. Nate has been very grumpy the last couple of days. He has required a lot of holding. Yesterday, he had a brief happy period when he was playing by himself. I was preparing dinner when I hear him laughing hysterically. He thinks it is great fun to play in the litter box!!! The bad thing is that he has done this numerous times. DISGUSTING!! I try to keep the door closed but sometimes the kitties do need access. Gross, gross, gross. Another thing that makes me want to throw up is the pee. I have sat on more pee than I ever imagined was possible. How old are they when they learn to aim?? Boys! Posted by Picasa