Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Special Time with Nate

While Cade is in Museum School, Nate and I have a couple of hours to hang out. Since the zoo is so close to Museum School, we often go hang out at the zoo together. Nate loves having Mommy all to himself. We always have fun!
Last time we went to the zoo Nate wanted nothing to do with feeding the birds. This time, he had a great time feeding the birds. The picture below is what happened when mean mommy would not buy a 4th stick for him to feed the birds. "Nother one, Mama. Nother one."
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Gone to the Birds

Stick #2 - 5 birds
The birds tend to run away when we try to pet them
Stick #3
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Nate and the Birds

Stick #1 with 1 bird
Now there are 2 birds
Now there are 3 birds
Stick #2 - we are having a great time
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Nate with the Elephant Statue

Nate loved posing by this elephant and kissing the elephant for a picture. He would pose for some pictures and then run to me so that he could see the pictures then run back to take some more.

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More Zoo

Monkey boy climbing on whatever he can find - and looking at the monkeys

I don't know why I even bother to bring the stroller because this is what he does with it most of the time
Nate loved feeding the fish. The fish food dispenser was broken so it kept spitting food out for Nate to throw to the fish. I thought he might stay there all day.
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Party, Party, Party

While Daddy and Dylan were partying at the deer lease, the 3 remaining boys and I went to 3 different parties on Saturday night. The fun started iwth our neighborhood party. We really have a wonderful neighborhood! Next, we went to our church's Trunk of Treats. We weren't able to stay there long. Chase stayed with his friend and Cade and Nate went to the Halloween party at the Little Gym. I wasn't planning on going to that party but Cade begged, and begged, and begged, and begged. I am glad that we went because the boys had a great time. After all of the parties, we went and ate with some friends. The boys slept good that night!!
Nate crying because I told him "no". How dare Mommy make me share and take turns.
Nate loved running around in a circle with all the other kids during the activity.
Cade was having a great time too.
Nate walked this entire bar just like this.
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Little Gym Party Pictures

Nate playing ball with a cute dinosaur

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Halloween Party at Little Gym

Cade pinning the tail on the cat
Cade helping Nate fish
Nate has been struggling with sharing and taking turns. Here he is trying to take the bowling ball away from a little girl. Makes a mom proud.
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Little Gym Party

Nate loved laying here
Once again, the "cheese" face
Cade fishing

Cade with one of his super sweet teachers. She truly is fantastic!
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More from the Little Gym

Nate was OVERJOYED to actually be able to play. He always wants to play but is never able to since we are always there for Cade's class. Nate had the very best time!

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Party #2

This was the only picture that I was able to take at our church's Trunk of Treats. Once again, Nate had his "cheese" face on. Notice Chase's lack of costume. I am so glad that I spent $20 on a costume that HE picked out yet somehow he is "too cool" to wear it. He tells me that he will wear it on Halloween - you better believe he will!

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More Neighborhood Party

Cade with some "healthy" food - velveeta cheese in queso dip is healthy, right?
Nate swinging. He has this new smile in most of his pictures. Can you tell what he is saying?
The hay ride through the neighborhood.
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