Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Best Part of My Mother's Day

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I am truly blessed to have some wonderful friends from college.  We try to get together yearly.  This year, we were able to meet near Canton.  It was fantastic.  I would love to write more about what these friends mean to me, but I will never catch up on my blog if I do that.

 We ate at a winery.  The atmosphere was great.  The company was stupendous.  The meal....there might have been a few issues with that.

 Tonya, Allison, and Amy
 Mandy, Alison, and Jennifer
 Tonya, Amy, and Melissa
 See, I was actually there
 Sheri and Anna came later.  I didn't manage to get their pictures.
Mandy had a birthday!

Museum School Open House

 Grammy and Granddad were able to attend Nate's museum school open house with us - checking out the skunk
 Notice how Chase has a phone in his hand...his texting has gotten out of control.  He is sitting next to me right now, texting.

 Funny boys

 Love their expressions!
 Jamming out

 Another turtle picture attempt, another failure
 Dairy Queen after!

Turtle Picture

Nate had open house at museum school. Of course we had to take a turtle picture....or try to take one

Not quite right

Ummmm, maybe not that one

Strained face on Nate, and Dylan.....why my friend?

Chase graced us with his presence, but Dylan.....
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter this year was a bit lame. Could I find all the baskets? That would be a no, but we improvised. Did we decorate eggs? Maybe in our dreams. Did my boys look handsome in their new outfits for church on Easter Sunday? What new outfits? Did I take more than 3 pictures? See for yourself. Will I do better next year? Let's hope so!!

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