Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Nater Tot

Nate is a hoot, and I wish that I had written down all of the funny things that he has said. I must do a better job of writing it down. These next 2 pictures were in a row on my camera. I love how he was making eyes in both of these pictures.

He got a scratch between his eyebrows. It gave him a unibrow look :)
I forget what he was doing here, but I am sure that it was funny.
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Valentine Parties

I am still enormously behind with work, but I am going to do my best to update my blog. I don't want to forget all the little things. Cade and Dylan had Valentine parties at school. Of course, they were at the same time! I spent most of my time at Cade's because they needed more help.
Here is one of Cade's best buds
Enjoying some sugar with a friend
Opening valentines
The one picture that I managed to get of Dylan.
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My Cute Bully

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Here is Nate with his BFF, Ethan. They were having a great time playing with each other at the McDonald's playland. It was not crowded, so we were there for several hours. Nate and Ethan were playing on the little tree. A mom "strongly informed" me that Nate and his buddy were" bullying" 2 other children and blocking the other children from access to the tree. (The horror!) The mom then asks, "Did you not hear me yelling at them?" Nice! I am all about correcting my child (and I am sure that he was doing the behavior), but just come and tell me nicely - don't yell at him and call him a bully - he is 3! Nate and his buddy apologized, and we headed home. Aren't they a couple of cute bullies :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chase's Project

Chase had a project on the Westward Expansion. He had to write a paper and present a project along with it. Chase developed a board game for his project. You would roll a dice and the square would give you directions. Some squares would have you draw a card. The card might say, "You were bit by a snake, go back 2 spaces", or "You found a cow, go ahead a space". The blue was a river. If you landed on it, then you took the river as a shortcut. You won the game by getting to the gold at the end. He named the game, "Gold Rush". He did a great job. His teacher loved it. He made a 100% on the project :)
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