Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dylan and Bonnie

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No Explanation Needed

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Latest Round of Little Gym

Here are a few pictures from Cade's latest Show Day at Little Gym. He is still taking Karate.

Cade with his teacher

I know that this picture is fuzzy, but I still love it!

Another fuzzy flying picture

Nate can't wait until he can attend the Little Gym. I won't let him until he is fully potty trained.

Nate walking on the low bar

Friday, April 10, 2009

Two Snuggle Bugs :)

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Not a Good Look

Dylan has developed a fondness for these undershirts. He often wears them without a shirt on top. I almost can't stand it. What do you think?

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Nate with Maggie

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My Cute Bunny!

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Cade Steals My Phone

Here are a few pictures that Cade took when he swiped my phone. I love seeing what he finds photo worthy.
Our 14-year-old cat. She has not been thrilled with the arrival of Maggie.
This made me laugh! At least you can see that Nate is making progress with his potty training (FINALLY)

Maggie made the cut

Taking a picture of his own shadow


Cade and Dylan had their well checks on the 1st. It also happened to be an early release day and a day that Nate was in school. After their appointment, we made a stop at Crystal's pizza. They were thrilled, but I was so sad to see how dirty and run down the place had become. The pizza wasn't even very good. The breadsticks and cheese sauce were still yummy.

A picture from my phone
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Dylan's Birthday

Dylan turned 10 on March 26th. I can't believe that he is in the double digits now :( My babies are growing up way too fast. I brought cupcakes to his class, but I forgot my camera. This is the best picture that I got from my phone. He was happy that he was able to share his birthday with his classmates.
Mark's parents came into town later that day. We were all able to go out to eat to celebrate Dylan's day. He got an ice cream treat because of his birthday.
We truly love our Dylan. He is so smart, sweet, and FUNNY! Happy Birthday, Dyl Wyl.
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The Birthday Boy

Cade turned 7 on March 14th. He made good use out of his birthday. He used it to get out of work and to get special privileges. "But it is my birthday." was heard frequently on this day. I would love to write about how much we love him and how wonderful he is, but I will not since I am so very behind on my blog. We do love him, and we are so very proud of him. He is super smart and is full of so much joy!
I brought cupcakes to his class on his birthday. Of course, I forgot my camera. Phone pictures are the best that I have. All of his classmates were singing Happy Birthday to him.

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When Nate Steals My Phone

He takes pictures of things that matter to him. Here is Chase. This is right before we found out that he did have the flu. Amazingly, no one else got it. He does look like he feels bad.

A picture of the toy - important!
The doctor!
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Couple of Puppy Pictures

Our older dog, Bonnie, has not been as thrilled with the arrival of Maggie as the rest of us have been. Maggie loves, loves, loves Bonnie. Bonnie does not return the love. Bonnie pretty much ignores Maggie. Here is Bonnie trying to sleep in Maggie's bed.
Who can resist the cute Maggie? It appears that Bonnie can.
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