Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Echo Point

Charlotte and Mark took the boys for a hike to Echo Point. Unfortunately, I had to stay at the cabin and finish typing a report :(

The crew

At Echo Point - I am always a little paranoid about this area.
My nephew, Trent
My nephew, Lang
Sweet Dyl

The Cadester!

Quite impressive rock climbing

My sweet Nate-Nate. He thinks that he is just as big as the others!

I love how Cade is cheering Nate on
Look how the dog has to sneak into the picture :)
There the dog is again!

Lang with Charlotte's Dog

My nephew, Lang, adored Charlotte's dog. He took very good care of her.

Do you think that Lang is a little worn out?
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The Cave

While at Blue Haven, Mark took some of the boys to explore a very small cave that is by the cabin. Cade had no interest in going.

Going into the cave

See all the white dots, those are big gnat-like flying insects. NICE!

See them covering their mouths to keep the bugs out.
Doesn't bother Nate

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Birdies

A momma bird was on the porch at the cabin. She had made a nest in the wreath located right next to the door. Three baby birds were in the nest. Unfortunately, the momma bird abandoned the nest the last night we were there. She had finally had enough of all the activity around her babies. Poor baby birds. The momma bird came back the next day, which was sad.

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A Hike to the Big Rocks

On Monday at the cabin, we took a hike to the "big rocks".

Cade, my nephew Lang, my nephew Trent (Lang and Trent are not brothers), and Dylan

Lunch at the big rocks

Nate pretending to eat

What brave boys :) Cade did NOT attempt this.