Thursday, July 10, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Father's Day this year was a lot of fun. I really wanted to do something special for Mark, because I feel that he is the best Daddy ever. He truly has a relationship with each of the boys. He is just as involved in their lives as I am. He doesn't blink an eye about taking care of the boys when I am working. He truly wants to be the best dad that he can be, and he is. The boys are so lucky to have such a wonderful dad.

Mark had made several comments about this gun that he wanted. I told him that it was too much and that I needed other ideas. He said that he really needed a new blower. The boys and I headed out to buy the present, but we didn't buy the blower. Mark is notorious about getting the boys to tell him what was bought, so we worked hard about how we would answer any questions. They all did great, except for Nate. He doesn't quite understand how to trick people. We would practice what Mark might say and every time Nate would spill the beans. The other boys did great. Mark questioned the boys, and he was convinced that he was getting a blower. Dylan even "accidentally slipped" the "fact" that we purchased it at Sears. Luckily, Mark did not question Nate. We gave Mark his present on Saturday, because I was afraid that the secret wouldn't last another day. He was shocked and so excited. It was quite fun!!

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