Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can You Feel the Love

Catch up is just going to have to wait. I am just too behind in work to catch up my blog. Hopefully next week will be better.

There is one thing that I want to remember. Sweet Nate has been a bit sour the last few days. Grumpy is an understatement. Today at Cade's swimming lesson, Nate decided to wander off. I retrieved him and explained that he needed to stay with Mommy. He informed me that he did not want to stay with me. I kindly explained that he could stay with me or he could go to time-out. I asked if he wanted to go with me, and he informed me that he wanted to go to time-out. He then proceeded to put his nose on the wall. SIGH!

One thing that I do want to remember about Nate right now is that he is petrified of bugs. He is especially afraid of butterflies and flies (he calls flies bees). What a brave boy ;)


Diane Wilhite said...

Hey Jenna! I just found your blog. Your boys are getting so big! I love hearing all their cute stories.

Nicole said...

A grumpy kid? I can't relate at all...ha-ha! I've said it before, but I would love for Brooke and Nate to be friends. They both seem to have fun personalities and I bet they would be hilarious together!

I love the cousin pictures in the previous post and getting the chance to see Jason and Kristin's kiddos. So cute! Just for grins, tell Jenise to join the kids on the slide next year. :-)

stacey said...

think they would let us put ourselves in a time out sometime?!!