Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Random Pics

Isn't he sweet?

Cade has an excellent sense of style, don't you think?
A moment of brotherly love! Out of all of our boys, these are the 2 that are most likely to be fighting. They love each other, and the pester each other to pieces.
Nate will rarely take a nap anymore. Sometimes, he just can't fight it. I was working, and Mark had put Nate in his bed with no luck in the nap department. A little bit later, Mark found Nate here :) He slept this way for a couple of hours!
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"Snow" Day

The boys were thrilled when we had a "snow" day. They had a great time sliding down our iced over driveway on the lid off of our sandbox. The sandbox lid did not survive unscathed :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Work Trip

The weekend of the 7th, I had to travel to Austin/San Antonio for work. I had a lot of appointments there, so I had to spend the night. My wonderful, spontaneous friend, Amy, was able to join me. After my first round of appointments, we stopped for a steak. The service was lacking, and the steak....well, it was nasty. There was so much fat, it was hard to find the meat. The meat that I found was not even tasty. Amy's steak was the same. It was so bad, that the manager came over, agreed with us, and gave us our meal for free. We headed to San Antonio and were able to make a late night movie. We saw, "He's Just Not That Into You." I really enjoyed it. Even though it was a working weekend, it was still fun. Thanks for coming with me, Amy!
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Boys and Tractors

So I had to stop by Sears to get a pair of nice pants for Dylan to wear to his UIL competition (he was on the oral reading team). Of course, when you have 2 boys with you and you go by the tractors, you know what happens :) Dylan did not place, but he had fun and looked so very handsome! Here are the boys on their tractors. I had a hard time getting Nate off of the tractor.

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I have never been a big fan of dogs. They were fine, I just never envisioned that I would want one. I always preferred cats who were so much more low-maintenance. We have had one such low-maintenance cat for almost 14 years. She is a sweet one. Then, we obtained our very high-maintenance cat, Biscuit. After 4 years of peeing on the floor, biting my children, making all sorts of messes in the kitchen - well, let's just say that I am much less of a cat person. But if you had told me a year ago that I would be spending good money on a puppy that I WANTED, then I would have called you crazy. Fast-forward to this year:

My sister-in-law has a very sweet dog. If I were ever to want to own a dog, then I would want a dog like hers. A small, mellow, soft, cuddly, non-yipping dog. She decided to breed her dog one time. The boys desperately wanted one of these puppies, and I was not opposed because I know how sweet the mom dog is. Mark was reluctant, but he was going to agree. We were number 5 of 6 of people on the list for a puppy. We found out that she was having 6 puppies! Perfect, right? Well, only 5 of the puppies made it, which still left us with a puppy. The only problem was that it was going to be a boy puppy. I am sorry, I LOVE my boys, but I am so done having boys. I had zero desire for a male dog. Much to the wails of my boys, I passed on the puppy. I was not popular (except for with #6 on the list, I was very popular with her). I told the boys that we could look at getting a puppy later in the year. Well, one night in January, I was looking on the internet at different breeders for the same type of dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). I was bookmarking various breeders because I was thinking that the end of summer would be a good time to add a puppy. Then, I ran across this picture
That was it!! I was done for! I knew immediately that this puppy was for our family. I went and did some serious begging. After Mark got over his initial shock that his non-dog-loving wife was begging for a puppy, he gave me the all-clear. Well, it sounded like the all-clear to me. He insists that he had not agreed yet. In his defense, he is a dog person. He had nothing against getting a dog except for the work that comes with a puppy. But really, how can you resist such a cute, cute puppy! Plans were made to get her in February! The boys were beyond excited. Initially, I was going to pick her up the morning of February 19th. The boys begged to skip school to go with me, so we changed the pick-up date to the 18th in the evening. We decided to go as a family. She is truly the cutest, sweetest puppy that I have ever seen. Mark is in total agreement. We all love her. She was immediately drawn to Mark. She had been around men, so I think that she was used to men. She is cute, cute, cute! New pictures to come soon, but here are the pictures that we received while we were waiting for her.

The next batch that we received

The final batch

Friday, February 20, 2009

January Pictures from my Phone

The iPhone comes in so handy when at a doctor's appointment. We had Chase's quarterly growth doctor appointment, and Dylan's annual check-up. Dylan has been given the all clear. He is going to be a late-bloomer. He is also not going to be very tall, but that is not shocking news. He does not have to go back anymore. Chase had not grown at his last appointment. They really upped his dose last time, and it worked great! After this appointment, it was time to fill his prescription. The insurance company did not want to approve the higher dose. After a week of calling numerous people (call a person who has you call another person who has you call another person who has you call the first person who has you call........), we finally got a "one-time" approval for the medication. By this time, Chase had almost gone a week without his medicine. Irritating! Stats from the appointment: Chase is 56.5 inches and weighs 88 pounds, Dylan is 50 inches and weighs 56 pounds, Cade insisted on being measured and is 48 inches tall (he will be taller than Dylan very soon - he is so tall).

Dylan has been wanting to go to the new "Which Wich" that opened near our home. He loved it! So did Nate and Cade. Chase tolerated it. I found it to be not so good and very, very overpriced. I have no desire to return, but the boys had fun. I was recovering from the stomach bug so maybe my taste buds were off.

The boys loved the high stools. Nate on the high stool made me a little nervous, but he did great.

Dylan being very goofy. Shocking, I know!

Sweet Cade

Cool Chase

Sweet, Sick Messes

Our life from mid-January through the first week of February can be summed up with one word, sick! Someone in our home was sick almost every single day for 3 weeks. Stomach virus, croup, strep, impetigo - you name it, we shared it with each other. It was not a fun time.
Aren't they super cute!

Another very sad thing that happened during this time is that one of Nate's classmates was killed by a dog in a tragic accident. We did not tell Nate about it. It is always so hard to hear about things like that happening. It is my greatest fear. It also helps to remind you about what is important. So when Nate accomplished this later that day, we were able to just laugh about it and clean it up. We felt grateful that he is with us to make those big messes.

But he is a stinker!

Few Phone Pics from Six Flags

Nate in the puke inducer, I mean the teacups. I can only handle this ride once on a good day. My boys love it!
The horses are always a hit with Nate
One of our trips was with my brother and his family. We had a great day.
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Random December Pics from my Phone

The boys thought that this was hysterical - this was a Cabela's shopping trip. I wonder who we were shopping for?

Nate just looking cute during Cade's Little Gym class

Nate did a lot of Christmas shopping with me. He really did not mind, especially when he got to take a ride with Spidey

A few pictures from our Ihop visit after seeing Santa. Nate is by his best buddy! This is also the trip that I managed to spill an entire Dr. Pepper inside of my purse!!!!! Great fun! Dr. Pepper was dripping out of the bottom of my purse.

Cade was really enjoying his pancake!

Isn't he a cutie!

Nate LOVES Mark's binoculars. If Mark leaves a pair out, then Nate manages to find it.

Chase is so thrilled about his phone!

Cade's ouchie developing into a bit of a black eye