Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Eve

Lang playing his shooting game. I love this picture!

My family opens on Christmas Eve and everyone takes a turn. Mark's family opens on Christmas morning in a crazy, open as fast as you can manner. I really like watching the kids open up what we picked out for them. The kids were super patient! Nate didn't get it and really didn't care about the presents. We all had a good time. My grandma's health has really declined in the past few months. That was really sad to see. Overall, we had a great time!

My nephew Ben does not take a nap anymore unless you want him up half the night. Well, he took a nap on Christmas Eve so he was WIDE awake for a long, long, time. We didn't know if Santa was ever going to get to come!
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Even More

My sweet Dylan had a rough Christmas. He decided to be super defiant so he spent A LOT of time in time out. It was so hard to have to discipline him at Christmas but it seems to have worked!

We gave this to Ben. As he was opening it he kept saying, "Wow, wow, wow, wow". It was sooooo worth it!
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Ohh, ahh, Moon Sand!

Nate loved, loved, loved his boots. Unfortunately, he has big fat feet and even though the boots were 2 sizes too big they would NOT go on his feet. He kept trying and trying to put them on. Then, he would take them to an adult to try and put them on. No such luck!! He wanted them so bad!
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More Pics

Ben loves Thomas
My sweet niece, Hannah, in her Bumbo
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More Farm Christmas

My nephew Ben, he really did not care about all the presents.
Cade waiting very, very patiently (really he did) to open his presents.
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Christmas at the Farm

My Grandma and my Uncle Sid

Cookie Cooking and Decorating

Fun with the Cousins at the Farm

The boys had a great time playing with their cousins at the farm. They played in the snow, baked cookies, decorated cookies, watched Santa Clause 3, and played, played, played!

Cade was so scared by Santa Clause 3. That Jack Frost was scary to him! I looked over at him and he had turned around in the seat and had his head buried in the seat with his bottom up in the air. So funny!

One More Kitty Picture

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Nate with the Kitties

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Party at My Dad's Work

Chase with my nephew, Ben

My entire family except for Jenise and Wesley. Look at my niece's cute pigtails!

On Thursday before Christmas, Dad's work had a party for the kids and grandkids. They got to see Santa and get a cool goody bag. Chase decided that he was too cool to sit in Santa's lap, but he really wanted that goody bag so he found a solution. He would take Nate to sit on Santa's lap! That way he was able to get the goody bag without risking his coolness factor. Nate didn't cry! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that.

More Surprise Party Pics

My Dad's Surprise Party

My cute dad walking in the room. Surprise!

On Thursday before Christmas we had a surprise birthday party for my dad. He was very surprised!! He was so clueless that he was late to the party!
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Video of Nate in the Cabinet

Nate in the Cabinet

This is Nate's new favorite activity. He gets in this cabinet and shuts the door and then pops out and laughs. I will post a video later.
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Two More Christmas at Home Pictures

Christmas at Home

Monday night on the 18th we opened up our presents to each other so that we did not have to haul them to the farm and then haul them all the way back. Dave was in town for a seminar. It was wonderful to have him come over for dinner. The boys loved their presents. Chase already knew he was getting a skateboard because Cade had already spied it in my not so secret present hiding place. Chase also got some light-up K'nex. Dylan got a moon light for his room and a spring-action light saber. Cade was very excited about the video games for his DS that he asked Santa to bring. Cade also got a box full of Color Wonder books and fingerpaints. Nate got a toy phone that he loved, loved, loved! He really did not care to open his other present (a Little People Noah's Ark). I had a good guess about what Mark had gotten for me. I had told him that I wanted a portable GPS and he stated that it was too expensive, the same line he gave me about buying a ring right before he proposed to me. I was right!! I love it!! Mark got some CDs and a game that he wanted for the Game Boy that Dylan asked Santa to bring. He would have had a much better present but he decided to buy it for himself before Christmas. It was a nice evening.