Saturday, May 16, 2009

While I Work

Amy took all 6 kids to Double Dave's while I worked for a few hours. Next up on the agenda, Six Flags of course :)
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Missed One

I missed a Cracker Barrel picture
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Hotel Breakfast

There is nothing better than an included hotel breakfast, especially when there are Texas-shaped waffles.
Here is Cade with bed head and with his Webkinz that I bought for him at Cracker Barrel (it was his birthday). He named it (drumroll, please)....Owly.
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Spring Break - Pt. 1

During Spring Break, I had an appointment in San Antonio. I invited my friend and her kids, and we turned it into a vacation with a little bit of work. We left on Cade's birthday, so I let him pick our restaurant for the night. He picked Cracker Barrel. His menu selection, pancakes of course!

Dylan with Blake.

By the way, thanks Amy for letting me steal some pictures from your blog. What, you don't remember me asking? Well......
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The Birthday Boy

Cade's birthday was on March 14th (do you think I am a bit behind on my blog?). His party was going to be later in the month, but we went ahead and gave him our present - Wii Batman. He was very excited!
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1st Grade Program

Cade's personality shining through!

He sang when he was supposed to and did a good job. It was as entertaining as a 1st grade program always is :)
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Cade - Student of the Month

Cade was very, very proud and excited about winning Student of the Month. Mark and I refer to this event as "Trick the Parents into coming to the PTA Meeting". Not that every kid wins this award, but many do. They conveniently give the awards at the PTA meeting. Regardless, Cade was extremely excited. He wanted to make certain that he was waiting at the right spot, and that he stood at the right spot. It was a very big deal to him. He was super cute standing on the stage. He spied his Kindergarten teacher and gave her a big wave. It was super cute and worth our attendance.
With one of his classmates
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Nate the Dog

Nate loves to pretend to be a dog

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Random Phone Pictures

These boys love each other
Dylan went shooting with his dad
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