Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Million Dollar Idea.

While I am taking over Jenna's blog, I thought that I would share with you my million dollar idea that I think every other parent has thought of. Why is it that every kid will like the box that a toy comes in so much more that the actual toy itself? If I could just start selling colorful boxes to Walmart for $10 each, I would be a millionaire in no time flat. Parents would love the idea of only paying $10 for a birthday present for the birthday parties that they have to go to each and every weekend. The kids would get something that they will play with so much more that the cheap "made in China" toys that are clogging up our households. The exception is that Nate realy does love his "Mater Scooter" Nate will sit on Mater and the boys will push him around that house. I will try to get a picture of this to post as well. Mater is great fun as you can tell. Posted by Picasa

Nate's Birthday Pictures

Jenna's mother feeding Nate.
Nate Getting his first birthday cake

You always have to have a picture of the messy mouth shot!!
The bath water that evening had a red tint to it. I wonder why??
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Notice Bailey Cooper in the background of the bounce house upside down!!
Nate getting ready for his birthday cake.
Courious George fits Nate's personality very well.
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Nate's Birthday Bash!!

Jenna has been too busy with her work as of late to post any new pictures of the birthday bash, so I thought that I would try my hand at this blogging thing. Who would have ever thought that Mark would be blogging, but here we go!!
Here are the pictures of the "over the top" birthday bash at our house this past Friday evening. I am guessing that we had between 60 and 70 people that came for the party and everyone had a great time. We ended up going through 48 hotdogs, 42 hamburgers, 36 bottles of water, 24 cans of Dr. Pepper and 20 cans of Coke. This was not only a great time to celebrate Nates first birthday, but also a great time to visit with our friends, family and neighbors. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Meeting our baby brother for the first time. Look at Cade's face!

Nate's first Halloween - all the boys wore this costume for their first Halloween
Cade loves, loves, loves his baby brother - sometimes he "loves" a little too hard
Sweet baby

How do they grow so fast?
I love his expression here - What are you doing, mommy?
About 6 weeks old
How can he be a year old already?

I cannot believe that my baby is a year old. A year ago we were heading to the hospital. I was being induced so the boys were taken care of and everything was calm. We let Chase and Dylan miss school that day so that they could be a part of everything. I had Mom and Dad bring them to the hospital before Nate was born. I did not have them bring Cade because I was not sure about how Cade was going to handle being a big brother. Cade was VERY upset that he did not get to come with Chase and Dylan, VERY upset. My labor and delivery was easy and quick. My epidural did not work with Cade and I did not want to repeat that scenario. I got the best epidural ever!!! I was numb for hours afterwards - and it was worth it. The boys got to come in and meet their new brother. I should not have been worried about Cade, he adores his baby brother. Later that day, Cade was sharing his silky with Nate. So very sweet.

Nate has been so happy and easy-going. He is truly a gift. He was so prayed for and we feel very blessed that God has entrusted us with him. We love you sweet, baby boy!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


He was so excited that I could hardly get him to stay still for a picture!
Nate has a bit of the "deer caught in the headlights" look

Cade and Nate started preschool yesterday. Cade is so very excited to be going back to school. He loves his friends and he loves school. I can't believe that he will be going to Kindergarten next year! Cade is going to preschool 2 days a week and Nate is going 1 day. Nate was making me laugh yesterday. He normally does not wear socks and shoes (read that as if the weather is warm then he does not have on socks and shoes) so when I put on his socks and shoes he started laughing. What was mommy doing to his feet? Cracked me up! Nate obviously does not need preschool, but I am trying to have 1 day to work so that I don't have to work when they are at home. I don't know if I will be able to stand Nate going to school. He is still my baby!! I can't believe that he turns 1 tomorrow. I have to go cry now. Posted by Picasa

The Rocket!

Cade had his first soccer practice on Tuesday! He is so excited! We bought him a ball, soccer cleats, and soccer practice shorts (yes, he is wearing a pair today). I hope his soccer cleats do not kill his feet since they do not make soccer cleats in a wide width. His new nickname is "Rocket" because he is so super fast! I can't wait to watch him play! Posted by Picasa

Update Time

Dylan, my child who loves homework and learning decided that he did not want to do his homework. After a brief power struggle (I won), he decided that it would be better to
go ahead and do his work. I couldn't resist taking these pictures to use as torture tools in the future.
Isn't that a lovely face! And don't you love the crumbs on the table!

Okay, time for a quick update. I may be in trouble for doing this because I have a MOUNTAIN of work that I am supposed to be doing. I have not been able to do anything else other than type, type, type. Sorry I haven't been able to visit any blogs lately. Next week should be better.

Chase finally went back to school on Monday. Sunday night he was crying (that will embarrass him some day) because he was so afraid that everyone would already have friends and that they would not want to play with him. He was afraid that he would start hurting and start crying and then everyone would laugh at him. He was afraid that he would not know what they are working on in class. He gets very upset if he has a difficult time with school work. It was so very sad, but we knew that he needed to get back in there. I promised him that I would eat lunch with him and that he could come home if he felt really bad. He was very cheerful at lunch and was not afraid anymore. I gave him another Tylenol and he went back to class. The school called around 2 because he was not feeling well. I went and picked him up about an hour before school was dismissed. He has been fine the rest of the week and does not even require Tylenol now. I am so relieved!!! I hope none of the other boys ever have to go through this! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Pictures of the Stinkpot!

He knows what a camera is!
His favorite "playground"! Notice how his hand is blurry because he is moving, moving, moving!
I know I heard the refrigerator door open!
He has discovered the joy of chocolate shakes! He was very demanding about getting some of this shake and was NOT happy when the shake was taken away. (Yes, we are aware that he is a little bit spoiled!) Posted by Picasa

My Name is Trouble :AKA Stinkpot

One word describes Nate right now, BUSY. He is into trouble faster than you can catch up to him. He sees the cat dish on the floor and he goes for it. We won't even discuss the fun he had in the litter box (GROSS). He hears the refrigerator door open and he makes a dash for it. He sees that the gate is down on the stairs and he crawls up the stairs as fast as he can. Why do we even have toys for him? His favorite "toys" are the cabinets and the pantry. He can QUICKLY wiggle out of the straps on his chair. He is being told "no" a lot now, which he does not enjoy. He is also wearing his mommy out! Especially when he decides that he needs to wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for an hour when his mommy is super tired! Stinkpot!!!! Of course, he is quickly forgiven when he gives one of his sweet hugs complete with patting or one of his joyful giggles. We are in trouble! Posted by Picasa