Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How They Have Grown

Here the boys are on the top of Johnson's Mesa overlooking Hermit's Peak almost exactly a year ago. I wanted to get the same shot but we were so busy all weekend that we did not make it up Johnson's Mesa. We settled for a shot by the Blue Haven sign. Nate was having a severe attack of Mommyitis so I had to be in the picture. My sweet boys are growing up!
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Random Post

We just got back from the most fantastic trip to Camp Blue Haven for the 50th Anniversary. Pictures and post to come soon. But first, here are some random pictures.

Dylan at his soccer party. He did a great job this year and really enjoyed it. He continually got better throughout the year. His coach was very positive and encouraging. His team was a bit .... let's just say different. There was one family who came from Scotland. They are super nice and they have the nicest boys. I really enjoyed getting to know them.
Nate reading his favorite book and loving on his bears. I finally took Nate and Cade in to buy new shoes. I have been putting it off because they both have wide feet and I have to buy expensive Stride Rite shoes for them. Poor Nate needed shoes a size and a half bigger!!!! Bad Mommy! The good news is that Nate's feet seem to be narrowing. I was able to buy his sandals at Target!!! He loves his new shoes. Two days after buying the new shoes, Cade could not find them. I had to talk him into wearing his old shoes (the ones that were not bothering him just 2 days before). He cried and cried because they were "too small" and they "hurt my feet". PLEASE!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reader's Theater

Second Graders had their Reader's Theater today. Dylan was Da Roosta!

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Cade's Soccer Party

Cade's soccer party was Sunday afternoon. The coach hosted the party at his house. Cade is on the best team. I really like the coach, the other kids, and the parents. Even though Cade does not excel at soccer, he had fun and he enjoyed his friends. The boys had a blast at the party!

The last game
Nate thought all the boys playing in the pool were hysterical!! He laughed and laughed at them.
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In the Pool at the Party

Boys were shivering and lips were blue

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Pictures from the Party

See how distracted all the kids are with their spinning toys
If you blow on the soccer ball then it spins - they loved it
Cade getting his trophy and his award for "I try my best"
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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Here is a picture of Nate with his friends with their new shirts

This picture makes me so sad :-( where has my baby gone? He looks soooo much bigger. When did that happen and please make it stop! You can click on the picture to see it better.
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Last Day of Preschool

Cade has had wonderful teachers at his preschool. They are so sweet and nurturing with him. He truly loves them. I am very sad that Cade will not be returning to preschool. I am not ready for him to go to Kindergarten. I can't believe it! I was asking him if he was going to miss his friends and he informed me that he would make new friends in Kindergarten. He is very excited about starting Kindergarten. They are building the new school and every time we go by the new school Cade gets excited and talks about his new school. When I picked him up from preschool, he informed me that he is now a Kindergartner! How is that possible?!
Nate chasing bubbles with his friends
I tried to get a picture of Nate with his teachers but as soon as he sees me, he wants me. His teachers have been absolutely wonderful! It makes it so much easier to send him when I know he is being cherished.
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Cade and Nate at Dylan's Party

Nate's teachers gave him this super cute shirt! It has a picture of all his classmates on the front (I tried to get a picture but Nate was not cooperating) and his name on the back. All of the kids wanted to wear their shirts as soon as they got them. Nate got frustrated because he couldn't get his shirt off since he was in a one-piece! He was happy once they put his shirt on over his clothes. He wore it like this the rest of the day. He really likes his shirt.

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Busy Party Day

Friday was a busy, busy day. Third grade had their party in the morning and their field day in the afternoon. Second grade had their field day in the morning and their party in the afternoon. I was running back and forth all day - and I had to pick up Cade and Nate from preschool. We were all tired by the time we got home. Nate must have been very tired - he slept until 10:45 this morning!!!! He has never done that before (and he probably never will again). We had another busy day with the last soccer games of the season. It is highly likely that this is the end of Cade's soccer career. Watching Cade "play" soccer is just painful!! Dylan has just gotten better and better. He is really enjoying it and wants to play next season. I would have taken pictures but I was there alone with all the boys and Nate was being a handful!!

Cade was begging me to let him carry Nate - he is such a wonderful big brother (and such a good, sweet boy)
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Even More Pictures

Cade took the next 2 pictures

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More Field Day

The parents helping with the slingshot offered to let Cade shoot it - he was sooo excited!

Ice cream break
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