Friday, August 31, 2007

First Week of School

School started! We were rezoned for a new school this year and the transition has been hard!! Chase and Dylan are having a hard time adjusting. Lunch is the hardest for them because they are making them sit boy/girl! Hopefully things will get better. The principal is coming from a middle school so she is not used to the level of parent involvement with an elementary school. She has not been very welcoming to volunteers, but she is coming around! She is willing to listen and she wants the school to be the best. I think it will be fine in the end, but the transition is not fun!
Cade in Kindergarten, Chase in 4th, and Dylan in 3rd. This is the only year that they will all be in elementary school together.
Cade's best buddy, Mason, is in his class! He is thrilled about that!
Cade completing his first work at Kindergarten. I can't believe that he is in Kindergarten. As much as I complain about half-day Kindergarten, it probably is best for him. He is worn out when he gets home. He is enjoying it, but he feels that it is too long :-)
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Thursday, August 30, 2007


On Nate's birthday, we went to see the Wiggles!! I was so excited to take him. I remembered how much Cade loved it when I first took him. Nate liked it, but he was not as excited as I had anticipated. It is the 3rd time that I have seen the Wiggles. I admit that I like the Wiggles. I have enjoyed the past shows. This one was not the best. I don't know if it is because the yellow Wiggle is a different guy now or if it was the show. There was A LOT of ballet sections in the show. The boys (I should clarify that it was just Cade and Nate) enjoyed it and that is all that matters. I know that this is the last year that Cade will want to go. He has learned that the Wiggles are not cool with the big boys. Chase and Dylan would make comments so now Cade is too big for the Wiggles. I had to talk to Chase and Dylan about how they really influence their younger brothers. When they say negative comments, Cade listens. I wanted them to understand that they were taking something away from Cade that will never come back. I want them to be considerate of their younger brothers and let their younger brothers enjoy being little. They are growing up too fast as it is!!

"Sam" Wiggle is fine, but he is not Greg.

Here we are before the concert

My niece and sister-in-law

By a funny coincidence, we ended up sitting just a few seats down from our friends. We did not even buy our tickets at the same time. They were able to switch seats and sit right next to us! That was fun!

Nate really did enjoy the show. He stood up most of the show.
Cade and Ethan watching the show!
The red Wiggle walked right by us! I tried to get a picture but I was not fast enough. See his red shirt!! Thrilling ;-)

Nate was excited to get back home and play with his new car. He did not like sharing it, unless he was pushing someone.
My sweet niece, Lanae. I thought this was the cutest outfit!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nater Tater Tot

Our sweet Nathan turned 2 on Saturday. Mark was out of town so the birthday celebration was small. My brothers and their families were in town so we were able to celebrate with them. We went to my sister-in-law's parents house where we had a joint birthday party for Nate and for my nephew, Ben. It was humorous that they were having a joint birthday party because (to put it nicely) they are not the best of friends. They seem to be getting along better. I know that someday they will be good friends and they will laugh about how they were with each other when they were 2 and 3. Nate loved having his birthday. He loved people singing to him. I can't believe my baby is 2!

Nate is such a blessing to us. He is so funny and sweet! He loves, loves, loves his brothers - especially Chase (his 2nd mother). He loves airplanes, trucks, and cars. He loves to sing! We laugh so hard when he runs up to Chase, grabs Chase's shirt, and starts singing, "Hey, hey, you, you - I don't like your girlfriend. No way, no way - I think you need a new one". We often laugh at what he does, which of course makes him do it even more. He is happy and fun. He likes to be the center of our attention - and he often is!!! We are so thankful that God has blessed us with him. Happy Birthday, Nate!!

No fancy cake, but Nate enjoyed it anyway!

Here is our present to Nate. He loves it!! I gave it to him first which was a mistake. He did not want to get out of his car to open his other presents.

My nephew opening his presents. He really wanted a harmonica. He hardly put it down after he opened it. Glad it is not in my house!!

Isn't my nephew cute and very photogenic!
Chase is into the silly pictures! Here he is with my nephew, Lang.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sweet Cade

I am very behind in blogging (Nate's birthday, Wiggles, school starting) and even more behind in work, but I just need to talk about Cade for a minute. My sweet, sweet boy.

Cade has started his therapy with an Pediatric Occupational Therapist. His first session was frustrating and depressing to me. It was not the therapist's fault, or Cade's fault, or my fault. It just was. In my head, I knew that a single therapy session would not "fix" him. I truly did not expect dramatic improvement from a single session. I think that starting therapy just brought it home that my baby has to deal with this. I think I was hoping to learn some good tricks from the session so that I could help Cade with his behavior. I wished that I would have asked more questions. Honestly, it was impossible to ask many questions because I had Nate with me. For some reason, Nate did not understand that the therapy gym was not meant for him. I spent most of the time chasing him around and dealing with his unhappiness at being told "no". Not the most fun. I left feeling so sad and frustrated. Honestly, I was very depressed after the first session.
The next session, I was more prepared. I left Nate with a neighbor and I peppered the poor therapist with a ton of questions. I left feeling more upbeat and like I did have some strategies to help Cade. His therapist was going to be gone the next week, but I felt prepared. Cade proceeded to have a really, really tough couple of weeks. I cannot put into words the frustration that I was feeling. I would like to say that it did not get the best of me, but that would add lying to my list of sins during this time. I felt like the worst mother ever.
Then came meet the teacher. Cade has been very excited about starting school. I have been extremely worried about how he will do. We met his very nice teacher. She had never even heard of Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Disorder. She had not even been told that Cade had this issue. I won't even talk about how I have been informing the school of this and they were going to make certain that his teacher was informed. I set up a meeting with his teacher. I felt so much better after that meeting. She may not know anything about SPD, but she is willing to learn. Most importantly, she is willing to work with Cade and willing to do what is necessary to help him learn. She listened to me, really listened, and took notes. She had the school counselor attend the meeting also. I left feeling so much better about the year.
Then came the first day of school. Cade was nervous and excited. I would love to be able to say that he had a great day and everything went perfectly smoothly, but there is that pesky lying thing again. Cade got in the car and told me that his head hurt and his tummy hurt a lot today. That is how he expresses that he is having a hard time. I later learned that he had a collision with a child and he had a meltdown. The teacher was great about telling me about it and about helping him through it. The teacher noticed that he complained about his head and/or stomach hurting during transitions. Look how she is already noticing things! Cade came home and fell apart. I know it is a lot of work for him to try and keep it all together. Luckily we had therapy that afternoon. The therapist gave me a lot of good ideas. So I should have left feeling better, right? Did not happen, I left feeling just awful and overwhelmed. I really need to be doing structured sensory activities during the day with Cade. It is really important to do some things with him when he comes home from school. This is a problem because that is nap time. Nap time is when I work. I am already very, very, VERY far behind in work. How exactly can I take care of my sweet Cade and get my work done? How am I the mother that Cade needs? He needs a mom who doesn't have to work and who can devote herself to meeting his needs. Being a mom is the most important job I have and I can't give it 100%. I was very down last night.
The good news is that a new day always comes. This morning started well. I did not have to wake Cade up (that makes a huge difference in how his day goes). He had a much better day at school. His teacher has noticed that he tends to hum when he is working. She allows the humming. Look at her noticing things that I have never picked up on! We have started a brushing technique on Cade and it seems to be very calming for him. I have discovered that it is NOT a good plan to run any errands right after he gets out of school. He really tends to fall apart. That is an adjustment that I can make. I was able to get a few sensory activities in before lunch and it made a huge difference. After the activities, he was calm and relaxed enough to have some down time during Nate's nap and I was able to get some work done! Maybe this is manageable.
After dinner, we took a trip to the park. Good sensory activities there. Not so good wasps there! Weeks ago we went to the neighborhood park and Cade got stung by a wasp. We had not gone back until tonight. This time, he got stung twice!!! It was not pretty. He screamed, and screamed, and screamed, and screamed. We finally made it home and started first aid, and he still screamed and screamed and screamed. He finally calmed down some but it would not last long and he would start screaming again. He wanted to know why God made bees (wasps is too hard to say). Anyone have an answer to that one?
I feel so bad for my baby. It is so hard to watch him struggle. I want things to be okay for him. He is starting to really notice how different he is. He told me the other day that he is not like other kids. I hope I make him feel that he is so very loved and special to me. My sweet, snuggly boy. Sorry for the long, depressing post. It made me feel better.

Cade was having a very difficult day this day. Here is a picture of him when he was having a hard time keeping it together. He is actually smiling in this picture. Seriously, I am not being sarcastic. He knew he was having a hard day and did not want to ride the rides that he normally loves. I think it is good that he is beginning to notice when he is "off".

Here he is just a few minutes later. The difference is amazing.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Backpack

After going to the Star Wars exhibit we had to run a few errands. Nate loves Sponge Bob and I found him a Sponge Bob backpack. He loved it so much that every single place that we stopped after that he had to bring it in! If I tried to leave it in the car then I would hear a chorus of "backpack, backpack"

He still carried it around at home. Do you love the wardrobe ensemble of 1 sock (big bubba's), a diaper, and a hat? He is ready to hit the town!
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Star Wars Exhibit

Last week of summer vacation!! We have been trying to cram all of the fun in before school starts. We went to the Star Wars exhibit with some friends.
Nate loved these audio things. It was his favorite part of the museum!

I love how the boys go from tallest to shortest in this picture. The super tall boy on the end is Chase's friend.