Thursday, January 25, 2007

Seventeen Months Old!

Nate - my sweet, energetic, busy, sponge!

I can't believe that my sweet baby is 17 months old already! How did that happen?!?! He is such a sweet little boy who is turning into a real ham. He loves having his picture taken and will come running with a smile when he sees the camera out. He is talking more and more every day. He loves to repeat words now, especially if Chase wants him to repeat it! I especially love his babbling. He is trying so hard to tell us something. I LOVE IT! I need to try to capture it on video. He loves things like hats (as you can see), brushes, phones, cabinets, and getting into trouble. He is becoming very strong-willed and he does not like to be told, "no". He can seriously get in trouble in 2-seconds flat. He is the happiest when all of his brothers are at home. Cade and Nate love to play hide-n-seek which means that Cade runs from Nate and Nate goes and finds him. They both scream and laugh and start running again. I love watching Nate with his brothers. My sweet, precious boy who is growing up way too fast!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dear Grammy

Dear Grammy,

Please forgive me for breaking your ginger jar. I saw it on the table and I thought it was so pretty. I picked it up and brought it into the living room where I tried to set it down on the fireplace hearth. It then made a really neat sound and fell apart. I tried to fix it, as you can see, but Mommy thinks it needs some glue. I hope you can forgive me. I didn't mean to break it. Don't I look like I am sorry:(

Thank you for letting us stay in your house even though you were not there. If you will let me visit again then I promise that I will be more careful with your things. I think that I might have left one of my Wiggles movies there. If you find it, then would you mind bringing it to me next time I see you. It is one of my favorites! I love you, Grammy. Be safe driving home from your trip.

Nate (aka: the 2-second Destroyer)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What is New at Our House

The Christmas craziness is over and we have settled back into a good school routine. After many late nights, I am close to being caught up on my work!!! Nate's antibiotics led to diarrhea which is torture for his sweet sensitive skin. Hope that ends soon! I had the pleasure of getting to go to Lubbock this past weekend where I was able to stay with my friend whose 3 babies just came home from the hospital. They are so tiny and sweet! My friend has got it together! She and her husband are doing a great job of managing 3 babies and their 2 older daughters. Sweet, sweet babies. All the flights were cancelled on Sunday so I HAD to stay an extra day. Mark had to work at home on Monday since he had to take care of the boys until I could make it home from Lubbock. So there is the update!

Written Down

I love to find little treasures that my boys have written down. Here are a couple of recent ones.

Found on Chase's dresser


We will not Fight.


Chase and Dylan (Dylan's name was later scratched out, don't know why)

Song written by Chase complete with guitar chords

No won liked
no won liked
no won liked you like I do!
I awas say,
you are my friend
I aways say you
are my friend.
I away say to
you that you can stay
you are my friend
I like yoooooou I
aways come to school
to see you there
every, everyy day

Talent, true talent! I need to do some investigating to find out exactly who he is singing about!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Airport Observations

Have you ever noticed the different types of passengers at the airport. There are the calm and collected passengers who have arrived well before their flight time. Sometimes I finish my appointments early and I am actually one of these passengers. Then there are the clueless passengers. These passengers obviously rarely fly. You can particularly locate them during the security process. Maybe the college-aged male who refuses to remove his shoes because he is disgusted by the fact that he has to walk barefooted on the floor. Or the case in California where the woman sent the very young baby through the x-ray machine!!! You can also pray that you don't get behind one of the clueless passengers if you happen to be the next type of passenger, which is the passenger who is in serious danger of missing his/her flight. You can locate them by the frenzied, stressed expression on their face. This is the category that I fit in most of the time. Perfect timing for me is when I park my car, go through security, walk straight to the gate and then walk straight onto the plane because most of the passengers have already boarded. It is a miracle that I have missed only 2 flights in my lifetime (only one of those was I truly responsible for missing).

Then there is the waiting at the airport. Most people handle delays with grace and class. Others, not so much! My personal favorites are those who demand to be put on a flight. Like the airlines can control the weather. Or would they really want to be on a plane with mechanical problems?! I love the passengers who spend the time waiting by having extensive phone conversations about private details. My personal favorite is the woman who shared with everyone in earshot the details of her weekend with her "boyfriend". He was afraid that she would be upset that he had recently gotten married. Have no fear, she was happy for him. She feels that everyone should be married. After all, she is married, too!

Sometimes there is a gate change. The agent makes the announcement. There is a collective sigh and then the mass of people move from one gate to the next. Thirty minutes later, another gate change. There is a louder collective sigh and the mass of people move almost in unison to the new gate. Finally, it is time to board. You have the people who have been waiting in their boarding group line for at least 30 minutes. After all, it is so very important to be the first one on the plane!! Then there are those who try to cut into a boarding group that is not theirs. Because, once again, it is very important to be one of the first ones on the plane. I like to sit down until the last of my boarding group is getting on the plane. Then I get at the end of the line and walk right onto the plane. You get on the plane and there is a distinctive boarding pattern. People take the window and the aisle seats first from the front of the plane to the back. The middle seat is almost always empty if space allows. Some people put a bag or a jacket in the middle seat in order to discourage you from sitting there. Eye contact is avoided! Of course, sometimes you just have to sit by them. You ask if that seat is taken and you can see the disappointment in their eyes. Oh no! They have to sit by somebody. Passengers on the plane are also interesting. Most are quiet and have rare conversation with those around them if they do not know those around them. I think the rudest passenger is the passenger who leans their seat back when someone is sitting behind them. There is so little space to begin with so why infringe even more on the space that the passenger behind you has?

There have been a few interesting passengers on the plane. Like the divorcee having a conversation with an available male. She can best be described as looking as if she has a lot of money, a little taste, and loose morals. She talked the entire flight about herself. "I am wonderful, my ex is awful, I do this, I do that, I have people wanting me to work for them all the time, I am great, I am wonderful" The poor guy said maybe 2 words the entire flight. That same flight I was sitting next to a mother and daughter pair. They did not speak English. They were obviously on their first plane ever and it was EXCITING. The mother was gripping her purse on take-off and landing. The mother read the safety information sheet the entire flight. The daughter turned on her cell phone. Different days bring different types of passengers. The early morning flight to Houston is always full of Southwest employees heading to work. Sunday evening flights always make me sad because there are a lot of unaccompanied minors clutching their backpacks who are travelling between their divorced parents.

Finally back home, I hope for a gate close to the exit. If I wore the wrong shoes (those that hurt) then I am almost always at the gate far, far away from the exit. It seems to take twice as long as normal to drive home and then I am finally home at last! That is my favorite place in the entire world!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Nate Update

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Every year our deductible resets on January 1st. Last year, we made it to January 1st before we had to go to the doctor and pay for almost the entire visit in order to meet our deductible (Cade's broken arm). This year, we made it all the way to the 4th before we had to make that dreaded first of the year expensive doctor visit. Nate's nose was not clearing up so I was afraid that he had a sinus infection so I took him in. He had a nasty spot under his nose which I thought was from our wiping his nose so often. He had a few spots on his face that I attributed to irritation from his nose. I was wrong, wrong , wrong. He didn't have a sinus infection but he did have impetigo (a very contagious skin infection often caused by the strep virus). I found this out after I had taken him to preschool the day before and the gym that morning. I felt bad about that. Now that Nate has been on antibiotics, he is much better. I still think he had a sinus infection because it cleared up nicely after starting the antibiotics. I could be very wrong about that because I am obviously not a medical expert. Nate is now 22 pounds. Still a peanut!

Since Nate was contagious, I couldn't send him to preschool on Friday. I am starting him 2 days a week so that I can hopefully get a better handle on my work load. I had an adoptive parent phone interview scheduled for Friday morning. They wanted to continue with the interview even with some background noise and interruptions. Unfortunately, I had to go to quiet rooms some of the time because they had me on speaker phone so it was hard to hear. Things would get to quiet in the living room so I would go check and Nate and I would always find TROUBLE! The best was when he had opened the dishwasher in order to climb on it and retrieve the powdered donuts from the counter top. He was shoving them in his mouth and spreading powder sugar mess all around the house! He has also learned how to climb on top of the table. He loves playing in the trash so now the trash can is sitting on the counter. He is into everything and wearing me out! Such a cutie!

Today I had to go have some papers notarized and sent by FedEx. The bank I normally go to looked very busy so I went to the bank at Albertsons so that I could grab a few groceries at the same time. Nate LOVED the car cart. He drove all over the store without a complaint. It came time to leave and I asked Chase to get him out of the cart while I unloaded the groceries. Chase would reach for him and Nate would scoot to the opposite side. Chase would go around to the other side and Nate would scoot away again. He did NOT want to leave that car cart. I finally got him out and he was mad, mad, mad!!! We loaded up a drove a few stores down to the FedEx place. Nate liked that because there were toys there. He did not like having to leave. He threw a fit like I have never seen. He was screaming! It was a pleasant ride home. He would scream and scream and scream and then pause for a quick singing of We Will Rock You! We got home and he was happy for a minute. He then proceeded to throw another fit - no idea why - so I proceeded to go put him in his crib for a while. He only had a short nap today so I thought that he might be tired. He screamed for a little bit and then things got quiet. I went in to check on him and the above picture is what I found. He fell asleep sitting up!!! Stinkpot!

Chase and Dylan had appointments with the growth doctor today. Chase continues to grow well! They upped his dose a little. He is now 51 1/4 inches tall!! He is in the 21st percentile now. I can't believe it!! Even though Dylan's growth is slower than normal, the doctor feels that he is just a late bloomer because his growth factors look good. They want to continue to monitor him but he does not have to go back until next year. We were talking about Dylan hitting puberty later than his peers so Dylan wanted to know what puberty was. The doctor told him that it just meant that he would be lovable longer! Dylan is now 46 inches tall. Cade HAD to be measured too! He is 43 inches tall!! It is funny that we actually have a kid who is a little bit above average in height! No growth doctor for him!

Look at that, my blog is actually caught up.

We Will, We Will Rock You!

Nate has been walking around singing We Will Rock You. We could not figure out where he had picked this up until Chase proudly proclaimed that he taught it to him. Nate sings it all the time!! It cracks us up.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Last Set of Six Flags Pictures

Look at Cade's eyes! They were having fun!

More Six Flags

Just 7 short years until my driver's license!
Cade being silly on the boot ride
Chase just can't be serious for a photo.

Finally, a real smile!

More Holiday in the Park

Cade loved wearing his gloves that he got for Christmas
Chase and Cade
This is one of Dylan's favorite rides

Cade was very serious about his driving. This is the first time that Cade was willing to drive.

Holiday in the Park

Silly boys!
Chase had to ride the Titan by himself

Brotherly love?!
On January 1st, I was able to take the boys to Holiday in the Park. Mark stayed home with Nater Tot because of Nate's snotty nose. We had a great day! It wasn't too cold and there were no lines. The boys had a great time!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Here's to a Great Year!

Here is the picture from our Christmas card this year. So far, no one we have asked has been able to tell which face was photo shopped in by Mark!

We had just a few friends over on New Year's Eve. Two of the families left before 10! After they left, we had another family join us and they stayed until after midnight. Most years I am the only one still up at midnight, so it was nice to not be alone when the New Year came in! This year has been so full of blessings! I am so grateful for Mark and for my boys. God has blessed us.

Cade and the Snowman

Cade with his snowman
Cade with the nativity set that he made at preschool
Can you identify the angel, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the sheep, and the stars?

Cade was so much fun at Christmas this year. He loved all the decorations. He really wanted some outside decorations but we did not have any. He used Christmas money to buy himself an outdoor snow globe after Christmas. Aunt Sheri had a snowman that Cade loved! I found one just like it and bought it for him. He was so excited!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Candy Bandits!

Before Christmas vacation I was tucking Cade in bed when I felt something nasty and sticky underneath his pillow. GUM!! I asked him who put it there and he informed me that it was Dylan. When I told him that I didn't think it was Dylan, he blamed Nate. I don't think that Nate chewed a piece of gum and then hid it underneath Cade's pillow. Good try, Cade. He finally took responsibility for his misdeed. I did not have time to clean off the gum before Christmas break. I finally had the time to clean off the gum after Christmas. I was putting the sheet back on the bed when I noticed an unusual yellow object between the head of Cade's bed and the wall. I reached my hand down the crevice and discovered a mountain of empty candy wrappers, partially eaten candy that was tried and found to be less than appealing, and chewed pieces of gum. After pulling out a large pile, I sent Dylan for a bag. After I realized the difficulty in getting all of the candy wrappers out, I had Brad come upstairs and move the bed out from the wall. Up above is a picture of the mountain. Cade and Dylan have been sneaking candy up to their beds since Halloween. That's right, they have been brushing their teeth and then going to bed for a candy snack. Wonder how the dentist visit will go later this month? Dylan fessed up to his transgression but Cade first tried blaming Dylan, then Nate, and then our dog!! Sneaky, sneaky boys! Cade has been grounded from candy and desserts for a week and Dylan for 2 weeks because Dylan was really, really old enough to know better. We had a few friends over for New Year's Eve so I bought candy and passed it around to all of the children except for Dylan and Cade. I made sure that I bought Cade's favorite candy - sour gummy worms! Cade has been super good about taking his punishment but Dylan is another story. He came down and gave me a hug and what did I smell? Chocolate!!! He got another week added on to his punishment. Sneaky, sneaky boys!

Cade also tried to blame Nate and our dog for the hole in his pajamas that was cut by scissors. We must have an amazing dog who can cut with scissors and stash candy wrappers.

The Messpot!

Hanging Out with the Cousins

Cade loves his Luigi's Mansion game but he is too afraid to play it. He found out that Drew is very good at Luigi's Mansion so he would beg, and beg, and beg, and beg Drew to play it. Once Drew was resting on the couch with a sleeping puppy on him and Cade kept trying to wake the puppy up so that Drew would play the game. Here is Drew playing Luigi's Mansion for Cade.

Nate Loving on the Puppy (NOT Our Puppy)

Cade was not as fond of the puppy as the other boys were. The puppy tried to sleep with Cade one night and Cade would have none of that! He was afraid that the puppy was going to "die" him. He was fearful because the puppy had play bit at his fingers.

More Let's Jump

Lee took Nate down this slide many, many times. Nate loved it and kept begging for more! What a sweet cousin Lee was being.

Fun with Cousins

Look at my scary hair!

Charlotte and the boys (and Brad most of the time) were able to stay with us until the 1st. The boys love their cousins so they all had a great time. We went to Let's Jump, watched Night at the Museum, and built many forts in the playroom. The boys had a great time!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Couple of More

This paper is fun!
My crazy nephews! I love Drew's eyes in this picture!
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