Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Missed One

Here is a picture of Trent and Dylan on the Roaring Rapids. Charlotte and Ann were on the ride too, but I guess I missed taking their picture :(
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June Six Flags Trip

We had so much fun at Six Flags. It was one of the best trips ever! Nate is adventurous. He loves to go on the rides - and he is tall enough to go on some. Here he is on the log ride with Mark's parents.

This spinning ride is Cade and Dylan's favorite. Cade rode this at least 8 times in a row.

Aren't they cute!

Look at my sweet nephews carrying my boys :)
We had the best time on the Roaring Rapids - everyone fit on a single boat. Nate was just barely tall enough to ride. He had ridden it once before. He loves it!

Nate and Mark got the wettest!
Mark wringing out his socks and boys trying to drink it - GROSS!!

Dylan finally worked up enough nerve to go on the Shock Wave again - he likes it, but then he doesn't

Nate LOVES the mini mine train - he wanted to go on it again and again and again and again


Leaping Lizards

Wednesday, June 11th was a fun-filled day. Chase and Dylan were at music camp, but they got picked up early for some afternoon/evening fun at Six Flags with cousins. Before we picked them up, we joined some of our neighbors at Leaping Lizards - a very cool jump house place. It was very nice; we will be going back. It even had a toddler area - not that Nate stayed there. There was also a snack bar, and they would order pizza for you.

It was hard to get a picture of Cade. He was having too much fun!

No fear for this boy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Two of My Favorite Zoo Pictures

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Zoo Trip

On June 10th, I took Cade and Nate to the zoo with some friends. Chase and Dylan were in music camp. We had a great time.

Look at my little tree hugger :)

Unfortunately, the birds were not interested in eating.

Nate had to stop to rest

Pretending to be a snake
Here we are on the overpriced train ride :)