Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mark's Company's Picnic

On June 1st (wow, I am really behind in my blogging), we went to Mark's company's picnic in Grapevine. It was super hot, but the boys did not mind. They had a great time.
Cade and Nate really loved the pony rides.

Bounce houses are always a hit!

Cade had an interesting way of playing ping pong.
Anyone want to guess who the victor would be?

Adults playing games.

Look at that form
Nate getting his Daddy with a water gun - this has become one of Nate's favorite activities (although Daddy is not always the target).

Sitting in the firetruck
Playing on the playground - lots of activities and lots of fun!


Jennifer said...

looks fun! Your boys are so cute!

See-Dub said...

Now THAT'S a picnic!