Monday, June 23, 2008

Music Camp

The week of June 9th, Chase and Dylan had music camp from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. I was able to volunteer on one day, which was fun. The performances were on Saturday night and Sunday night. The boys had a great time. There was work involved, but there was also a lot of play involved.
One afternoon, they went to a local game center. They loved that.

One afternoon they went to a local bounce house place.
There were lots of crafts and games

Cade and Nate were able to get in on the fun the day that I volunteered

Dylan was quite the performer. He really gets into it. He also was a little, how can I put this, handsy. It did not help that he was on the front row and everyone was privy to his hand action on his pants. We received many comments about it. Makes a mom proud :( What is it with boys?!
He is awfully cute!
Chase really thinks that he is too cool for the performance. The first night, he did not smile and barely sang. We discussed it with him and he did much better the next day. He has already informed me that this is his last year at music camp. Sigh, less boy and more teen every single day!

Dylan, unlike Chase, really enjoyed all of it and will go again next year :)
I love how Dylan is doing completely different motions from everyone else.

Chase holding the "A"
What is amazing about music camp is that it is a completely volunteer production. People from our church put so much effort and hard work into it. They do such a fantastic job! I am very appreciative of all that they do!!

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