Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Muffins for Mom

 Cade's school had Muffins for Mom early in the morning.  It was yummy fun
 This picture cracks me up.
Do you think these 2 have my eyes?

Monday, April 25, 2011

More Cub Scout Fun

 Cade was very excited to finally get his uniform.  I was very excited that my friend, Debby, was willing to sew on the patches!!  Debby rocks!!
 The scouts visited BNSF Railways.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nate and the Ironing Board

Running through the house chasing Maggie, laughing, and then tragedy.  BAM! Crashed right into the ironing board.  The true tragedy of the situation, Nate did not know that it was called an ironing board since he had not been exposed to it very much in his lifetime.  He described it as "that thing you put clothes on and steam comes up".

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cub Scout Campout

Cade just joined cub scouts.  He joined in time to attend the campout.  He had a great time.

Kite flying

Going to bed
Here is how he looked the next morning

Cade took this picture of Mark
There was fishing

Flag ceremonies

And of course, FIRE

Smores...the perfect ending

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dylan and His Music

My sweet Dylan was born with a cleft in his hand.  Although it was repaired, his pinky on his right hand is missing some tendons.  It will always be small and have very limited function.  It doesn't bother him; it's just his special finger.  When he was born, I remember feeling fiercely protective of him.  His finger set off the "mama bear" in me.  I remember talking to Mark about it and commenting that it wouldn't really bother Dylan unless he wanted to play the piano or something like that, and what were the chances of that.  Hahahahaha, God does have a sense of humor.  My Dylan loves music. He has started to play the trumpet this year (the same one his dad played).  He loves it and practices often.  He works hard and alternates between first chair and second chair.  He really wanted a keyboard for his birthday.  Yup, my boy wants to play the piano.  I think he will do just fine, special pinky and all.

Will Nate follow in Dylan's footsteps?

Random Phone Pics

One of Dylan's fishing poles got caught up in the door.
Cade when I brought donuts to his class to celebrate his birthday
Maggie is a very sweet and tolerant dog
Nate spent the night at Brad and Charlotte's hotel.  He crawled right into bed.  So cute

Playing with a new app on my phone.  One of my favorite pictures
A friend took this picture - Nate was having a very hard time with his asthma at this point


Time #3 - this one happened the morning after Dylan's party.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dylan's Birthday Party

Dylan had a sleepover for his birthday.  We went to a movie and ate pizza.  The guest limit was limited to the number of kids I could fit in my car.  I was thinking that was a good thing when it was midnight and they were still going strong.  These pictures are all out of order, but I don't want to take the time to fix them.

They were so full from the Pizza that they hardly ate any cake.

Mark and I took Dylan shopping for is present from us.  We wanted him to have some input.  He was thrilled.  Now we just need to get him into some lessons.
We saw "Rango".  The kids loved it, me.....not so much.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cade's Birthday Party

This year Cade wanted to go to Six Flags for his birthday.  He had a friend spend the night (his friend's brother is Dylan's buddy so he spent the night also).

Building the Lego set that his buddy got for him

Pancakes after Six Flags - cousins were able to come to Six Flags with us
It was crowded, but they still had fun

Playing a game
Cade's friend was the big winner
Stopped for ice cream on the way home