Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dylan and His Music

My sweet Dylan was born with a cleft in his hand.  Although it was repaired, his pinky on his right hand is missing some tendons.  It will always be small and have very limited function.  It doesn't bother him; it's just his special finger.  When he was born, I remember feeling fiercely protective of him.  His finger set off the "mama bear" in me.  I remember talking to Mark about it and commenting that it wouldn't really bother Dylan unless he wanted to play the piano or something like that, and what were the chances of that.  Hahahahaha, God does have a sense of humor.  My Dylan loves music. He has started to play the trumpet this year (the same one his dad played).  He loves it and practices often.  He works hard and alternates between first chair and second chair.  He really wanted a keyboard for his birthday.  Yup, my boy wants to play the piano.  I think he will do just fine, special pinky and all.

Will Nate follow in Dylan's footsteps?

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