Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nate's Work

My sweet Nate cracks me up.  Here are some of his work projects from preschool this year.

I have worked really hard to let him know that girls can do the same things that boys can do.  Is this a sign of success?
I am fixing the roof again.  I don't know why he is stuck on this.  We haven't had our roof repaired and I haven't been hanging out on the roof.
That's right baby, Target is the place to shop.
Good thing he likes Six Flags.  We "vacation" there often.
I don't even think he knows what hockey is, seriously!

Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

Love that Nate! Those are some great ideas for our preschool kids at Heritage.

Andrea said...

Man, Nate would fit in SO well with my boys. That last picture says it ALL!

Kelly C said...

He would be jealous to know Kara has decided it is her season to collect light sabers.