Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Santa Came

Santa was very good to the boys this year. Nate got some train stuff, just what he asked for.

Doesn't look like Chase got very much, but he is in for a surprise!

Chase had a note in his stocking instructing him to call a specific number for more information on his gift. He called the number, and then he heard a ringing. The look on his face as he realized that he was possibly getting a cell phone was priceless. We do have it on video. The phone was hidden in the Santa's head. To say that he was excited would be a massive understatement.

Dylan's loot

Cade's loot - he was thrilled with his Club Penguin for DS

Gotta love the early morning look

Nate was thrilled about his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy - I love how he is hiding his face when he is trying to show off his toy.

Look how excited my little man is!

Chase begged and pleaded for a phone. He promised so many things. 1) He would pay us $20 a month 2) He would wear church clothes every Sunday without complaining 3) He would let Mark cut his hair anyway that Mark wanted for an entire year. We are making him pay $15 a month. Mark cut his hair - with MUCH drama. Funny thing though, Chase does not remember stating that Mark could cut his hair anyway that Mark wanted for an entire year. We will see!

Christmas Eve

My family always opens our presents to each other on Christmas Eve. We take turns opening presents. I really like it that way. I enjoy watching my nieces and nephews open the gifts that we bought for them. We had a really nice evening. My grandmother did not feel up to coming that night. That makes me sad. Her health is really starting to deteriorate.
Nate loving on Mimi
Mark loving on our niece, Lanae

Nate was very excited!

Cade with his cousin, Emily

Cade loves his Indiana Jones whip

So excited!

Chase was too cool for many pictures

Chase squishing down the trash

My dad decided that it would be a good idea to look in his closet for gifts that he could give to someone. Seriously, that is my dad :) He found this lovely pair of shoes that my maternal grandfather had bought many years ago. You can just imagine how lovely they are :) They are Mark's size, but they are double A width. Mark took his socks off so that he could squeeze into them. Stylin'!

Christmas at the Farm

We spent Christmas at the farm this year. Here are the kids making cookies for Santa.

Jason went up into the attic and pulled down his "Chips" motorcycle race track. They worked on it forever, but for some reason the almost 30-year-old toy would not work. Imagine that!
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My Cutie

Doesn't he look cute in his Christmas best. He thinks that he does!

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Our Christmas at Home

We had our "family" Christmas the Saturday before Christmas. That way, we didn't have to haul extra things to the farm. My dad was in town, so he came over for a little bit. Nate and Cade were so much fun this Christmas. We have a Santa that sings. I would catch Nate talking to the Santa. Nate always made sure to ask the Santa to please bring Dylan some Bakugan. I love that he was thinking of his brother. We also had an elf on the shelf who came to our home. We named him, "Scout". Dylan and Cade loved looking for Scout every morning. One morning, Scout had not moved. We figured out that he had lost his magic for a night because Nate had touched him. It could not have been because someone forgot to move him! I also loved that Chase made it a point to buy gifts for his family. He made sure that we took him shopping for his brothers. Cade found the perfect gift for Chase at the little gift shop at Cade's school. It was a shark tooth necklace. A volunteer helped him budget his other gifts so that he could get that for Chase. He was so very excited to give Chase his gift! Made me proud!
Nate loved his present from Dylan
Chase really, really wanted a cell phone. He was happy to have walkie talkie, they were almost as good as a cell phone

Cade's gift from Dylan

Mark opening up his gift from Cade

Cade's gift from Chase

The shark tooth necklace

Mark got this for Chase. Chase loves it so much that I can barely get it off of him to wash it.

Mark waiting for his present from Chase

A gun case - how thrilling!

The boys were thrilled with Guitar Hero Rock Band - one of the cymbals is already messed up. So much fun to mess with warranty stuff.

Nate loved his Club Penguin playset, and his race track that Daddy got him, and really everything that he opened. I was thrilled with the video camera that I got. Mark was even sweet to put a video on it with the boys telling me, "Merry Christmas". Mark was very pleased with his gun scope. Dylan was thrilled with his ipod nano (Mark gave Dylan his old one, which did not bother Dylan one bit). We had a really nice night appreciating each other and spending time together.

Friday, January 09, 2009

What to do with the Boy!

The rest of the Christmas catch-up is coming soon. In the meantime, I need to share a couple of Nate stories.

Yesterday, Nate and Cade were playing nicely in the backyard, Chase was sitting in the living room, and Dylan was at a friend's house. I went to the bathroom, and a few minutes later, my neighbor is at the door. Apparently, Nate came inside, went out the front door, then went to her house. He knocked on her door and informed her that he was lost. Oh, my!!! Mark and I think that it is time to install a high lock on the front door.

Today, Nate was climbing on the outside of the stairs (as in the other side of the railing). He knows that this is not allowed. I told him to get down, and he informed me that it was okay because he had a parachute. Hard to argue with that wisdom.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


We had our second annual visit Santa and then go to Ihop with friends. It was great fun. This year, we had another family join. I don't know why the next 2 pictures are so tiny.
Chase's buddy and my good friend - this may be his last year for a Santa visit :(
My friend and her 2 boys - they are just Cade and Nate's age. Cade and Mason are good buds, and Nate LOVES Ethan.

Santa Picture 2008 - everyone is happy!!!

Santa Picture 2007 - Nate was not pleased

Santa Picture 2006 - Nate was really not pleased
I don't have any of the other Santa pictures stored digitally - I will have to scan them in some day. You know, in my free time ;)

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