Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camp Blue Haven

We left the farm on Saturday and headed up to Camp Blue Haven. We were going to stay in a cabin up there while Chase and 2 of my nephews attended camp. Mark's sister and family were going to stay at the cabin, too. On Sunday, we dropped Chase and my nephews off at camp. I cannot put into words what Camp Blue Haven means to both Mark and me. We were both campers (I had more years than Mark), I worked there some one summer, and both Mark and I were counselors. This is also the location that Mark proposed to me one December. Anytime we go up there, we both experience such a flood of memories. This year was the first year that Chase was old enough to be a camper. There was a serious lump in my throat when we dropped him off. I wanted him to love it just as much as we do. Fortunately, he had a great time.
My nephew, Drew, and Chase were in the same cabin.
Aren't they cute!

My nephew, Lang, took a strong liking to Charlotte's dog.
Dylan and Trent
Look at that form!

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