Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Echo Point

Charlotte and Mark took the boys for a hike to Echo Point. Unfortunately, I had to stay at the cabin and finish typing a report :(

The crew

At Echo Point - I am always a little paranoid about this area.
My nephew, Trent
My nephew, Lang
Sweet Dyl

The Cadester!

Quite impressive rock climbing

My sweet Nate-Nate. He thinks that he is just as big as the others!

I love how Cade is cheering Nate on
Look how the dog has to sneak into the picture :)
There the dog is again!


Laura said...

I LOVE all of the CBH pictures. I can't wait for my boys to be old enough to be campers. Maybe Thomas and Nate will be in the same cabin!

Beth said...

Wow! Beautiful country and some really cute kiddos!