Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet Crabby

Every since Florida, Cade has been desperately wanting a hermit crab. We told him that if he could behave well, then he could have a hermit crab. Any time that we saw him not behaving properly, we would tell him that we were not seeing hermit crab behavior. When we caught him behaving really good, then we would tell him that we were seeing hermit crab behavior. Worked like a charm! Of course, when you make those deals, you eventually have to pay up. Cade was so miserable after the tooth extraction, that we decided that it would be a perfect night to make good on our promise. Cade picked out the crab himself. It has a turkey on its shell (don't ask me why he picked that one). He thought really hard about the name, and decided that Crabby was the perfect name. Such a creative name, or not ;) Cade is loving taking care of his crab. He thinks that it is a wonderful pet.
Mark and Cade setting up Crabby's new digs - notice that Cade still has the balloon on his wrist.
Look at his poor mouth :( It is finally back to normal!

Such a cute little crab, wonder how long it will make it?
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See-Dub said...

I LOVE the turkey shell!