Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of School

Monday, August 25th was the first day of school. Chase is in Intermediate school this year. I feel completely clueless about his school. I have only been in the building once. We missed Miss the Teacher because we were in Florida. There was an orientation in the spring, but Chase forgot to give me the paper about it, so we missed that. A sweet neighbor bought the boxed school supplies for me - which saved me so much time!!! It was really hard to send him off. I could not get a picture of all the boys together because Chase leaves for school before his brothers are even awake. Chase really liked it. He doesn't like riding the bus, but he really does not have another option. The bus stop is at our house!! We love that. I finally get to meet his teachers on Thursday. One of his teachers went to Oklahoma Christian, so I am already predisposed to like her :) I wish that I had noticed that Chase was wearing a dirty shirt to his first day of school.
Nate had to get in on the picture! It felt very strange to be going up to school without Chase. Cade's teacher seems great. Dylan's class is trying an experiment this year. He has one teacher in the morning and one teacher in the afternoon. He loves both of his teachers. I really believe that it is going to be a great school year!

Cade refused to give me a kiss or to let me kiss him. He only gave me a hug after his buddy gave his mom a hug! I thought that did not start until later!!
Sweet Dylan
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Beth said...

cool Chase let you take a picture. I was at the middle school several times over the summer and was very impressed. Glad that everyone had a great start. We are doing well, Ethan loves kindergarten and they both have great teachers.