Monday, September 15, 2008

Couple of Random Pictures

Just a couple of random pictures on my phone. Nate loves his new sunglasses. He is actually asleep in this picture. By the way, he is still trying to drop his nap (do you hear me screaming?). I can get him to nap maybe twice a week (big, big sigh). No nap = grumpy boy in the evening.
Here is a rocket car that Nate and I saw while driving around in Keller. So now we have a rocket car and the Mystery Machine in Keller. What more could a boy want?
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Andrea said...

Hey Jenna! I haven't dropped by in awhile so I especially enjoyed the updates. Lovin' Crabby and Nate looks like a big boy at preschool! My 3 year old is also enjoying preschool this year. No tears at all (for him). Can't believe he's already old enough for PRESCHOOL!

Kristen OQ said...

Sam flips out every time we see the Mystery Machine around town. Now we will have to be on the lookout for the rocket car. Who are these random people that drive these random cars?!?!

Kelli said...

Haven't seen the rocket yet. My kids LOVE the Mystery Machine. Were you in class with Ethan today? Dianne L. met me at the door and dragged him inside kicking and screaming, but I heard he calmed down pretty good and at the end of it told me he had a great time. Cross your fingers he'll go back next week.

Julie said...

We LOVE the rocket car! One day we saw it parked in the Walmart parking lot and got to get an up-close look. :)