Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cade's First "Lost" Tooth

When Cade was 3, he hurt his front tooth which caused it to die. It has never caused any problems, until now. His dental x-ray showed that it was becoming a problem area which could possibly lead to damage to his adult tooth. The tooth had to be pulled. His first lost tooth was pulled by the dentist on September 9th. He had a very hard time afterwards. Mark and I think that he might be allergic to the medicine. His lips were swollen for 2 days. He still can't talk, and he keeps sucking air through his mouth - like fingernails on a chalkboard. He was very thrilled about the tooth fairy coming. Not only did he get his gold dollar from the nightly tooth fairy visit, but the tooth fairy also left a dollar for him at the dentist. He had his first visit to the library on Wednesday. He picked out a tooth fairy book :)
Before the extraction
After the extraction - poor baby
At dinner - he still had his balloon on his wrist. He wore that balloon all day. I let him pick what we would have for dinner. He picked pancakes :) My poor baby. I felt so very bad for him.
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Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! So awful for him. Zach had to have two pulled (also his first "lost" teeth) at the end of the school year, in June. It was bad. But he didn't swell up like that so I'm sure Cade is probably allergic. Bless his heart, and his little toothies! And by goodness he deserves that stinkin' balloon!

Laurie said...

Poor Cade! He is so cute!

The Nieves 6 said...

Poor guy! Doesn't it just tear at your heartstrings to see him all mis-shapen? When Vince was ten he fell on a garage floor and broke a top front permanent tooth - I cried for two days because I knew it would be a bother for the rest of his life and it destroyed his perfect smile.
Noah needs to have a tooth fixed right now - I will probably take him next week. It is no fun. I have to give him Verced and take him first thing in the morning. He has terrible baby teeth. Hopefully his adult teeth will not be as bad. The first time he was on Verced he thought I had two noses. It was pretty funny and pretty sad all at the same time. Oh, the joys of being a mother of boys!