Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nate's Birthday!

Nate turned 3 on August 25th. I cannot believe that my baby is 3! How did that happen? He is such a blessing to us. He has such a sweet and loving personality. He makes us laugh all of the time. He is smart and very verbal. He loves life, and we love him. He was so very excited about his birthday party. He wanted to have it at Chuck E. Cheese's. He had so much fun! He loved every single thing about his birthday.

Nate with his "girlfriend" He loves Nikki

Nate's best bud, Ethan
Sweet Vaeda!

Cade loved being on television, and he spent a lot of the party here

This truck was the most popular ride

Monkey cake for my monkey boy

Trying to hold up 3 fingers

He loved all of his presents "Wow, cool"

Mark asked Nate to give Nikki a kiss - I really think that we are in trouble

Look at Cade's green teeth
Nice green tongue

Look at the crowd on the truck

Let's keep adding them on

Nate playing with some of his new toys
Nate and I drew this picture with one of his presents. We drew a picture of the beach. Chase is riding a wave, Nate is playing in the sand, Dylan is buried in the sand, and Cade is sitting in a chair. I wanted to save the picture without having to save the actual picture.


stacey said...

a super cute cake for a super cute bd boy!

tagged you today and tomorrow! hint: clean your sink tonight!

Andrea said...

Awwwww! He's such a cutie!