Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July this year was spent at Blue Haven. I have to admit that I really, really missed the fun of fireworks. We still had a lot of fun taking one last hike. Nate is a hiking machine. Phrases that you will hear from Nate on a hike, "I can do it myself" often followed by him falling and then a "I'm okay". He loves to hike, and he looks super cute doing it. Sometimes he would just HAVE to hold our hand. I would tell him that I need help and would he please help me. Worked like a charm.

This picture almost cost us our camera - YIKES

They were working on building a dam
I thought that these pictures of Brad and Trent were super cute

Georgie (the dog) sharing a snack with Nate.

Aren't they cute?!
Is there more?
What is Cade doing in this picture?

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See-Dub said...

These photos are phenomenal!!! The nature shots are great, but the picture of Nate and Georgie? TOO MUCH SWEETNESS!