Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swimming in Arizona

Someday, before I am 80, I will catch up on my blogging. Here are some pictures from swimming in Arizona. The boys did a lot of this. Cade's confidence in his swimming really increased on this trip. He just continues to improve! Nate was my daredevil, but now he does not want to be in the water much at all. He was happiest walking around the pool.

It is not pretty, but he gets the job done :)
So proud of himself

Chase - the boy who rarely gives me a real smile anymore :(
There is one!

My goofball nephew, Drew

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Kendra said...

I DO remember you from ACU! I had to find a picture with you in it from one of your posts, but when I saw your girl's weekend pics, I could figure it out! We live in the West Fork addition - just moved here at the end of the school year last year from Bedford, and really like it a lot. Blessings on you with all your boys . .we should get together and play sometime! I saw you know Kristen as well!