Sunday, August 31, 2008

Six Flags with My Niece and Nephew

The day after our trip to the zoo, we went to Six Flags. It was the first time that my niece and nephew had ever been to Six Flags. They loved it! My nephew is 7 and my niece is 4, but they were willing to ride anything that they could. My nephew's first ever roller coaster was the Titan!!! My niece even rode on the Shock Wave. My friend, Amy, was there too. We had a great time!! Dylan has been very afraid of the Titan. I finally talked him into trying it. This was about 5 minutes before closing. He told me that if we could make it there, then he would ride it. Amy was kind enough to watch the other kids, and Dylan and I went off sprinting!! We made it just in time (I believe that Dylan only said he would ride it because he did not think that we would make it, now he was stuck!). He had to ride it, and he loved it!! Now, we will see if he will ride it the next time we go. Another odd thing about this trip was that the electricity briefly went off. Rides were not running for about 45 minutes. Some people were stuck on rides. Fortunately, we were in line when it happened.
My nephew, Lang, and Cade on the Sombrero

My niece, Lanae, with Nate

I can't believe that the Titan was his first ever roller coaster. He loved it!
Lanae driving the car

Lanae on the Shock Wave
My nephew, Lang, and Chase on the Shock Wave

During the electrical outage, we put together our own Olympic team - here is Lanae

Amy's son, Blake
Chase - with that smile again - grrrr

I love how Lanae has 2 sets of hands in this picture

The kids rode the Aquaman 3 times - they were soaked

My nephew and niece
Cade and Dylan
This made me laugh so hard. I had Lanae go to the bathroom before bed after we got home. She was taking forever, so I finally checked on her. Here is what I found!! Think she was tired?

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stacey said...

wow, what a busy summer you have had!

so funny about your niece!

cute shower curtain-where did you get it?