Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flight to Arizona

We left for Arizona on July 24th. I had 3 of my boys and 2 of my nephews. We flew Southwest. My brother-in-law works for a different airline, and my nephews were not familiar with flying Southwest. I was explaining the boarding process to them. We were in group A, so I told them that we would be one of the first on the plane, and we would get to choose our seats. My nephews got excited because they thought that we could choose first class, not quite :) My nephew, Trent, thought that it was neat that we did not have to pay for the drinks. He quickly had to say something that the other airline was better at, so that he would not be disloyal. What was better on the other airline? Their seatbelts are better :) I found it very funny. All of the boys were just fantastic on the flight.

Scary picture!
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