Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rocket Launch

Dylan got a rocket at the observatory. You add vinegar and baking soda and it takes off - or it is supposed to take off.
My nephew, Drew, thought it would be a great idea to drink the vinegar straight.
Guess what, he didn't like it! Shocking, I know.
Quick, drink some water!!
Not enough, need more water
It went so well with Drew, that his brother decided to try it too.
You guessed it, he didn't like it either

Just so you don't think that Charlotte's kids are the only brilliant ones in the family - Chase took a turn too. Can you guess if he liked it?
My other nephew, Lee, saw how much everyone else liked it, so he had to try it. He then proceeded to pretend like he enjoyed it - NOT fooling me :) Cade and Dylan did not try the vinegar - smart boys!
Here is the rocket. After many, many, many attempts, it finally launched - sort of. The rocket launch fizzled


Kristen OQ said...

Boys will be boys, I guess? I think it is funny that they all got into trying it, even after they knew it was going to be disgusting! Again, boys will be boys! :)

stacey said...

crazy boys!