Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh No He Didn't

Before I tell this story, I need to set the scene. First, you need to know that Cade has been a bit too free lately with relieving himself at outside locations. For example, while at church in Phoenix, Cade needed to go to the bathroom. He walked right past the bathroom, went out the door, and relieved himself outside. It has been a problem.

Now for the story. We were in Flagstaff. Brad, Charlotte, and their boys were going to a picnic hosted by Brad's large company. This picnic was held at the company's President's beautiful vacation home. The boys and I did not plan on attending. We went and ate pizza, and then we were going to go to the observatory. Well, the president knew we were there, and he wanted us to come to his house. So off we went. We arrived and everything was going well. I really wanted the boys to behave well because I did not want to do anything to embarrass Brad. Well.....the boys were playing well, the executives were having a presentation, and then... I hear Cade calling my name. I look over, and he is behind a tree - WITH HIS PANTS DOWN! I rush over there, and ask Cade what he is doing. He explained that he could not find the wipes. Of course, I assumed that he had relieved himself in a very bad way in the yard. I am looking around for "the business", and I am asking Cade where he did it. He told me that he had used the bathroom. I tried to get him to pull his pants back up (they were just below his bott*m), but he would have none of that. He did not want to get messy. I shielded him from all the big wigs, and snuck him back into the house where I helped him clean up. Hopefully no one saw. Sorry, Brad!
Pictures from the pizza eating


Jennifer said...

oh no! That stinker!

If it makes you feel better, I got a call from the director at Hudson's preschool (when he was 3.5) telling me that he peed outside at recess. Now granted, it was kind of my fault since that summer I let him go while we were outside some....but still- it embarrased me so bad!!

Those Brumley Boys said...

Oh...thanks for such a laugh!!!
(Needed it this morning after 10" of rain last night that came INTO the apartment!!)