Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rattlesnake Feast

While at the Old West replica town, we ate dinner. Dinner which included rattlesnake. We all ate some, and yes, it did taste like chicken :)

Cade adores my nephew, Drew. In Cade's words, Drew is a genius.
The stuff on Cade's face is band-aids from some sort of "injury" that he felt like he received. It was probably a very minor scratch, but a minor scratch is a major thing for my sensitive Cade. He kept the band-aids on for days, which was a bad idea because it caused a reaction. Then his face really looked good.

Dylan really looked like he was enjoying it.
Yes, I even ate some.
Nate, what is up with that face?
No worries, Drew will fix you up.
See, all better. Okay, still a little cheesy.
It was Drew's birthday, and the band sang to him.
I don't think that he was thrilled :)

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