Friday, July 10, 2009

Dylan's Camera

Dylan saved up enough money with his birthday money to buy a digital camera. He enjoyed shopping for the camera and was so excited to get it. His first picture was of Mark.

I love seeing the pictures that Dylan chooses to take. Our house was his next subject.

His brothers ranked. Dylan took a picture of me also, but I hate it. Since it is my blog, then that picture will remain on my computer.

Our dogs ranked worthy of Dylan's camera

Aunt Nicey with Dylan
Nicey with all the boys
Snuggle time
Mark with Maggie
Dylan with Maggie - I don't know who took the pictures with Dylan in them
Our very old kitty
Cade's buddy
Nate's best bud ever
We had some friends over for dinner. These next pictures are from this night

Maggie meeting her doggy cousin
Sweet Sam

Paw Paw
Nate chillin'

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