Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cade's Field Day

Oh my sweet Cade. Cade's field day was a little bit difficult to watch. During events like this, his differences and struggles become more evident. This is the time that his gross motor skill delays really become evident. In one event, there were several stations that had to be completed. The stations included things like running through rings on the ground, spinning with your head on a bat, and jumping rope. During the time that it took Cade to complete the course once, the other side had gone 3 times!! Fortunately, Cade doesn't really notice the difference yet. He still struggles so much with multi-step tasks. Don't even bother giving him more than two directions, he can't keep them straight if it is more than that. I dread the day that he realizes that he is very different in this area. He has been wanting to play soccer again. It was such a disaster last time, and we know that it would be again. He cannot put the pieces of the game all together. My heart hurts for my boy :(

On the positive side, Cade is very bright. He has been put into the Gifted and Talented program at school. Cade is also an incredibly joyful child. I am so thankful for his joy!! My sweet Cader Raider.

The squinty, sun-is-in-my eye look.
About to start the water cup relay. They had to pass the cup of water over their heads to the person behind them.

This is his "I am wet" look.
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