Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nater Tater Tot

Nate is hysterical! He says the funniest things. I would love to share some of those, but since I have been such a slacker about blogging, I don't remember most of them :( There are a few things that stand out. Some of his pronunciations are quite comical - like "grill" for "girl", and "copcorn" for "popcorn". He also has this way of pointing that I can't quite catch on film. He will point by moving his eyes to the side and pointing with his finger. I have to get a picture of it before he quits doing it. Lately, he has been disciplining anyone who does not do what he wants. For example he will say something like this, "If you don't come outside with me, then I will go get in my bed." Scary!! I guess he showed me there. The biggest Nate news is that he is FINALLY potty trained. That's right, after 12 years of diapers with only a few months, we are a diaper free house! Nate just finally decided that he wanted to do it, and he has done it very well. I don't even have to remind him to go. He takes care of all of his business. I am overjoyed!!

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stacey said...

Yahooooo for you!